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Salvation & Deliverance in Bega, NSW & Hallam, Melbourne – Over the Weekend at Catch The Fire Meetings

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,
When God is busy reinforcing His Kingdom on the earth, we can rejoice in a supernatural harvest of souls, healings, restoration, wholeness and precious freedom in the presence of Jesus!

The outcome of the weekend ministry of God’s presence was awesome…

At Hallam on the Friday following glorious worship, a video presentation of ‘The Unveiling of the Man of Sin’ (part 2) was very well received, inspiring and challenging those present to further prepare for the soon coming of the Bridegroom King Jesus!
On the Sunday the healing restoring presence of God drew people to meet with Him and many testimonies of healing and provision came quickly and easily as God was given the glory for the great things He has done! The Word of God was preached by Sister Lea from India with Holy Spirit impartation following, as many lives were impacted and changed by the power of God!
In Bega churches combined together plus many travelling from Merrimbula, Pambula, and Moruya to hear the Word of the Lord released with displays of God’s goodness following! One such example was a woman who attended the morning service who was active in witchcraft (into taro cards) got touched mightily by God and received delieverence. She rededicated her life under the Lordship of Jesus. In the afternoon she distroyed the alters of witchcraft and burned her taro cards. She brought along a friend to the evening meeting who gave her life to Jesus and both are now walking in Kingdom Light!

Twenty months ago many in Merimbula and Pambula joined to host Pastor Danny at a meeting.  As he was ministering the Lord gave him a word of knowledge that there was a young pregnant woman in the crowd who was contemplating an abortion and that it was God’s will that she keep the baby as gift from Him. This young lady who was only two months pregnant came sobbing to the altar along with her mother, the only other person to know that she was pregnant. She was mightily touched by the Spirit of the Lord resulting in a beautiful baby girl being born 7 months later! What a delight for Pastor Danny to meet up again with this mother and her 13 month old girl. How she thanked Pastor Danny for his obedience in giving the word from the Lord that meant she now has a precious little one to care for and love! This young Mum is now a nurse in the local area and is doing very well.  Check website tomorrow 16th June for a photo of Pas Danny carrying the baby girl and the young mum.
We thank God for His beautiful presence – which released so many from demonic oppression and possession – these are now free to draw from and receive more of their Saviour and Lord! A man testified of being healed by the Lord from dizziness he had had for some time. He had previously made a journey to Hallam and received from the Lord what was needed for his complete healing. Now these many months later he was able to encourage those gathered to reach out to the Lord. Some of the pastors and spouses who attended the meetings were greatly touched by the Lord and shared with Pastor Danny that they sensed a new release of God’s presence & anointing which would pervade over the region around Bega!

Pastor Danny stated, “I am so thankful to God for the faithful prayer warriors of Catch The Fire Ministries who have been praying and interceding for these towns preparing for God’s presence to move mightily!”

2) Pastor Danny will be ministering at the Holy Spirit Fire and Healing Meetings in Melbourne (Hallam) at 7:30pm this Friday 19th and at 6:30pm Sunday 21st June.  Fountain Gate Christian Centre at 23 Melverton Drive in Hallam.  Melway ref: 96 G 2  
3) Pastor Danny and the CTFM team wish to sincerely thank all of you who donated relief items toward our recent Rescue Sri Lanka appeal, as 12 crates of much needed aid was just shipped. We’ll keep you informed over the next few weeks of the distribution of the aid.

blessings,   Dianne Johnson

3 Responses to “Salvation & Deliverance in Bega, NSW & Hallam, Melbourne – Over The Weekend at Catch The Fire Meetings”

  1. 1 Pia

    Received Prior to Pastor Danny’s Ministry In Bega

    Danny Nalliah is coming to the Bega Valley this weekend. I live here.
    My friend organized it some months ago. Dreamt last night of a giant wind storm in a valley – above it was big like a hurricane – but with a tiny tip on the ground like a tornado, and it spawned tornadoes. (I thought about the verse in John 3:8 when I woke) Then I walked out on a pier to look at some tribal people doing some kind of ceremony – I think they were there because of a storm coming in from the sea. Bible passage I read in morning – Haggai 2:1-9 the power of God above as this massive massive wind storm is awe inspiring and humbling… any demon from hell ought to be terrified!!!!!!!


  2. 2 Richard

    Greeting to you from Liberians Christian.Thanks for the good job that you all are doing.I am always blessed whenever I received email from you realizing what God is doing in your counry.Please be in prayer with my country Liberia there are more prefered christians then practical ones.

    Thanks Richard

  3. 3 Gertraud

    I just love the meetings at “Catch the fire” Last night I was so tired, because I had two nights in the row with only 4 hours of sleep. (which very often happened and of course I feel the strain) But God willing my friend called to see if I were going and I said if she is going so am I. I told her that the Lord would have to refresh me even while we were on the way. And HE DID. We had great joy just sharing what the Lord had done, and it did not matter that we were a bit late.

    I am so grateful to the Lord for not letting me miss this anointed meeting. I walked out blessed to the hilt. I just want to thank you and the whole team and Pastor Danny for all the prayers that go in before every meeting. What a blessing you are–all of you.
    May the blessings abound and keep abounding to all of you.

    Yours in Him, Gertraud

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