Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

Dear Family & Friends in Christ,   1) Over the weekend we once again experienced a mighty manifestation of the miracle working power of the Spirit of God in Hallam (Melbourne) and Hobart (Tasmania)! Pas Danny ministered on Friday night in Hallam and then on Saturday & Sunday in Hobart. On Sunday night in Hallam […]

Julian Lukins – Sumatra, Indonesia Pentecostals on the tsunami-ravaged coast of Indonesia are experiencing a wave of conversions and healings. In the strongly Muslim Aceh province of northern Sumatra—where 167,000 people died in the 2004 tsunami—the underground church movement is growing, with Pentecostal congregations thriving. Indonesia has an official policy of religious tolerance, but in […]

Signs of The TIMES – YOU JUST REALLY DON’T WANT TO READ THIS By W. D. Clabaugh I You know – you wake up on a Monday Morning or Whatever morning thinking, “Perhaps today Barack Obama will start getting it right.” “Perhaps our Nation will become a righteous nation once again”. “Perhaps… was that a […]

By Aimee Herd “Neither students nor teachers shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate. The students at Pace High School refused to remain silent…” According to a report by the Liberty Counsel, nearly 400 students at Pace High School participated in an impromptu recitation of the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation on Saturday. The […]

 By Aimee Herd – Inspire Magazine “Christians are called to serve and lead in politics and government – and prayer is where we need to start. With the Bible, prayer needs to be shaping and guiding our words and actions as we obey the call to disciple the nations for Christ.” (United Kingdom)—As part of […]


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