Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

Following is an article that appeared all over the Australian Media regarding the Secular Humanistic, Islamic, and Interfaith attempt to remove the daily reading of the Lord’s Prayer from the Australian Parliament. KEVIN Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull both dismissed calls yesterday to replace the Lord’s Prayer with an acknowledgement of Australia’s traditional Aboriginal owners at […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, The joy we here at Catch The Fire have of week after week seeing people eagerly coming to worship the Lord, spending time in His presence and being refreshed, challenged, impacted and restored, makes our hearts fill with thanksgiving to the Lord for all He is doing! How we […]

Dear Friends and Family in Christ around the World, 1) As Bible-believing God-fearing Christians, we must keep praying that the Lord Jesus will increasingly open our spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear His Prophetic Word of Truth, what His Holy Spirit is saying to His Church in these perilous last days when even […]

Dear Friends and Family in Christ, We at Catch the Fire Ministries thank the Lord that we were able to publish the article ‘Reaping what we have sown’ by Pastor Danny Nalliah in today’s (Friday 24th October) edition of The Australian newspaper, on page 4 under the section, “Nation and Government!” Nearly 140,000 copies of […]

Dear Friends and Family in Christ, As Bible-believing God-fearing Christians, we must unite in praying to our righteous Father in Heaven, ‘Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done’ in the upcoming and very critical election on November 4th in the US. As the Body of Christ around the world we must pray in the Holy […]


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