Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, The Revival meetings this week in Hallam, South East Melbourne saw a mighty weekend for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Many lives were impacted by the Lord with lasting changes and evidence! Pastor Danny and family have taken a few days for refreshing, Jason is in Papua […]

Hello Kingdom partners, Here are some pictures that a peace rally was conducted by our Jesus For All Generations Ministries in our Srikakulam town.  On behalf of our ministry, we invited all district christians to join in our peace rally, and by the grace of God nearly 5000 believers and many ministers joined in our […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, Firstly we thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then all in Australia and overseas who responded to the “PRAYER and ACTION call” regarding the problem in Orissa, India where Christians were facing severe persecution. Well, all glory goes to our faithful, Jehovah Jireh – your prayer and action […]

By Jeff King, I’m sure you have heard the terrible news coming out of Orissa, India where the Christian community has been brutalized. Up to 50 Christians have been murdered and 100 churches destroyed, with 20,000 in refugee camps and up to 50,000 Christians hiding in the jungles and left homeless. As we speak, ICC […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, Revival meetings this week both in Hallam, South East Melbourne and over the weekend in the country City of Mildura saw the Presence of the Lord fill His people causing healings, restoration, liberty and in the end: changed lives! The beauty of the Lord is evident as those who […]

Are YOU Meek – Or Weak?

Experts have determined that getting angry is bad for your health. According to one study, bad-tempered people were three times more likely to have heart attacks than their calmer counterparts. Not only can anger harm our health, but it also can make us say and do things we later regret. Have you ever been absolutely […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, We would greatly appreciate your urgent attention regarding the recent escalation of persecution of Christians in India. Following is an email I received that gives the details of the nature of the current crisis. For those of who live in Australia, please pray and act by calling or faxing […]

By Joel C. Rosenberg  (Washington, D.C.) You have probably never heard of Father Zakaria Botros. But you need to know his story. He is far and away the most-watched and most-effective Arab-American evangelist focused on reaching the Muslim world, and by far the most controversial. The Rush Limbaugh of the Revivalists, he is funny, feisty, […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, As God’s manifest Presence dwells among us, we joyously and vigorously thank the Saviour of our souls! Our spirits are alive in Him, our voices cannot cease continually praising Him all day long and all night through!! For those who attend the Melbourne Healing Revival it has become a […]

By Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein War On Jihad An Islamic court in Shiraz, Iran , has just convicted two men of being infidels. Their crime? Converting to Christianity. The possible sentence? Death. Not too far away in Saudi Arabia, an outraged father recently hacked his own daughter to death for the same “abomination.” In the daily […]

By Johnny Lee Clary Rev. Johnny Lee Clary is one of the leading advocates for racial unity in the United States and has appeared on countless television and radio shows such as The Billy Graham Radio show, Fox News, Morris Cerullo, Oprah, Morton Downey Jr., Rolanda Watts, Geraldo, Sally Jesse Raphael, Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, Hungry people cry unto God for their nation’s transformation and this definitely took place during Thursday and Friday nights at the revival meetings this week, amongst an atmosphere where the Lord’s presence prevailed, empowering the declarations sung and spoken. Praise and worship which opened the heavens, enthroning our Sovereign […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, Thank you so much for responding to the call to protest against the Decriminalization of Abortion in Victoria, or better known as the Murder up until birth bill! Thousands of Pro-Life supporters marched through the streets of Melbourne, packing the steps of Parliament, to stand against this evil bill […]

Nirmala Carvalho – 26th August, 2008 A Catholic nun was burnt alive by a group of Hindu fundamentalists who stormed the orphanage she ran in the district of Bargarh (Orissa), this according to Police Superintendent Ashok Biswall. A priest who was at the orphanage was also badly hurt and is now being treated in hospital […]

Dear Friends and Family in Christ, While Australia is hosting the Interfaith Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne during December 2009, Saudi Arabia is playing the double game and taking the Western world for a ride! (read the following article) As Bible-believing God fearing Christians in Australia, we should be ashamed of spokesmen such as […]

Some of the many highlights from Melbourne this last weekend: 1.       On Thursday night a young girl in the audience sent a note to Pastor Danny while he was preaching to state that her mother had collapsed and had been rushed to hospital in a critical condition with major heart problems. All at the meeting […]

By Jennifer Riley – Christian Post Reporter Several large Christian organizations kicked off a campaign Sunday that aims to give 100,000 Bibles to U.S. troops worldwide over the course of 100 days. The Operation Worship Bible, a special edition of the New Living Translation, was made available exclusively at Christian Booksellers Association retailers on June […]


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