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“Family breakdown ‘ a cancer’ behind almost every evil affecting the country”  A senior Family Division judge, Mr Justice Sir Paul Coleridge (58), who presides over family courts in the South-West, has launched an outspoken and devastating attack on the state of family life in Britain – and blamed the government for the breakdown of […]

By Dennis Shanahan – The Australian THE Rudd Government is preparing a case to take Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the International Court of Justice for “inciting genocide” and denying the Jewish Holocaust. Australia is the only nation pursuing Iran’s despotic leader, who has threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”, through international laws. The […]

By Teresa Neumann “Viewers have said that SAT-7 PARS is their only source of Christian teaching, training and encouragement. Others have worked with PARS counselors to learn how they can become followers of Christ, so much so, that more counselors were needed this year.” (Iran)—Mission Network News reports that the length and severity of a […]

From: Victorian co-ordinator for Christians for Israel – Judy McComb  We are planning our first gathering in Melbourne for C4I next Thursday night (May 29th) – for all who wish to worship, pray and stand for Israel and to learn more about the Christians for Israel organisation.  We’ll be having a special focus on our […]

By Teresa Neumann – BCN Exclusive A desperate missionary family, unfamiliar with healing revivals, takes their daughter to Lakeland where she has an encounter with Jesus. (Lakeland, Florida)—Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, where a massive revival has broken out, contacted Breaking Christian News about an amazing healing that took place there […]

There’s a widespread belief that the penalty for leaving Islam is death – hence, perhaps, the killing of a British teacher last week. But Shiraz Maher believes attitudes may be softening. Ziya Meral’s parents disowned him when he converted from Islam to Christianity. “They said ‘go away, you’re not our son.’ They told people I […]

By Teresa Neumann/Linda Dodson: Breaking Christian News God REMOVED many serious scars and birthmarks on people’s bodies, raised scars gone, scars that used to dip down into the skin filled in, purple and dark red blotches, gone! Many, many scars healed. He not only heals us, He removes even the scars that are left behind! […]

By Joshua Goldberg: Christian Post Reporter As young people in Iran find themselves trapped between rising political instability, the harsh systems of Islamic Sharia laws that increasingly govern and control their lives, as well as arrests and “public security” crackdowns, a Christian satellite station is providing them with rest and winning their hearts for the […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, I am not sure where to start, as my heart is almost totally overwhelmed with thanksgiving and complete joy! Seeing God move and knit together so many hearts at the celebration at the ‘Standing With Israel’ evening was such a sight! It was a visual experience – glorious banners […]

Christians will stand to show support and solidarity for the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel in a celebration service with special guest speaker, Dr Danny Lamm, from the State Zionist Council of Victoria, and other Australian Jewish leaders on the eve of the Jewish nation’s birthday. The legendary sounds of the shofar will […]

By Dan Wooding: Assist News/Baptist Press He has been encouraged to have a time of prayer with President Bush and Laura Bush at their summit. “Some say it is a new day in South Korea. After a landslide election in November, Myung-Bak Lee was sworn into office on February 19.” So wrote Ann Lovell, a […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,I wish to take this opportunity as we approach Mother’s Day and the National Day of Thanksgiving across our nation of Australia to thank all mothers (and wives) with all my heart for the tremendous hard work you do in taking care of the family, home and in serving the […]

Dear Family and Friends in Christ, Both as the Church and a Nation,  we are certainly reaping what we have sown in the last Federal Election 2007!    Over the last several days, I’m sure you watched incredible television reports and read in the newspapers that the homosexual community is about to receive their full […]

By Nathan Black, Christian Post Reporter Following a wave of comments by Christian viewers criticizing Wednesday night’s “American Idol” performance that replaced “Jesus” with “shepherd” in their finale song, Idol contestants stepped back on stage Thursday, this time singing “Jesus.” American Idol contestants perform at the ‘Idol Gives Back’ fundraising special of ‘American Idol’ in […]

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