Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

Christians Deceived– Rudd / Nelson ???  by Pastor Danny Nalliah               Is Australia on its way down a slippery slope? This article is written for all those who have the fortitude to face up to what we as Aussie Christians have brought upon ourselves. It is not for those who cry, “Take me off the mailing […]

By Katherine T. Phan, Christian Post     Wed. March 12, 2008, NASHVILLE – President Bush delivered a rousing speech before an audience of Christian broadcasters Tuesday, saying the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are part of the same ideological struggle to protect God’s universal gift of freedom to humanity. Bush called freedom a “precious gift” that […]

17th March, 2008, Faith makes you happy, say Scientists Those with religious beliefs are likely to be happier than atheists or agnostics. Research suggests religion can act as an “insurance policy” against the adversities of life. Regular churchgoers also appear to cope better with events such as divorce or unemployment and may even be happier.

By Lillian Kwon, Christian Post     Mon, March 17 2008, Many Christians will arrive at Easter this year celebrating only half of what the holiest day in the Christian calendar signifies. “Easter Sunday is not only a most appropriate occasion for celebration, but it also serves as a yearly sobering reminder of a topic that many […]

Dear Friends and Family in Christ, 1) Following is an interesting article that recently appeared in the Australian newspaper stating that the Christian vote was the primary factor in the Rudd Labor Party’s rise to power in the recent election: ‘Why Labor Won the Federal Election On a Swing and a Prayer’ Christopher Pearson – […]


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