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Danny NalliahExperience / Relationship or Academic? 

After much thought and prayer I have decided to release this article in response to the many emails I received after the prophecy released regarding the next federal election. Most of the emails we received were very positive and thanking God for direction. We also were glad to receive a few extremely negative emails from Christians who were absolutely furious with what I have declared regarding the election. Thank God we are in Australia, we are a democracy, and you certainly have the right to express yourself. And I enjoy reading your comments…

Let me say this first up, I have no loyalty to any political party. I have not followed any political legacy. My father and grandfather, who lived in Sri Lanka, never voted in Australia, and I did not grow up with any particular political leanings. Neither am I a member of any political party.

So why do I say what I say? It is only because I love Australia and want to see God’s purposes over this land come to pass. I yearn to see godly values rise up in order for the next generation to be protected. I know to do this will invoke strong opposition but we have decided to stand strong in the name of Jesus. I thank God that experience is the best school one can attend because when one is thrown into the deep end and God comes through and rescues, you develop an amazing relationship with Him. I am not an academic; but I thank God for the practical experience and intimate relationship I have developed with Him. Jesus said, ‘Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.’ After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God. Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.” Mark 16: 15-20.

I have seen the hand of God working in my life. Twice I was most miraculously saved from execution, once in Sri Lanka, when 4 men attacked me with swords for preaching the Word. And then in Saudi Arabia (40 minutes from Mecca) when my house was raided by 20 soldiers, 8 of them armed with machine guns at 1.00am. I had 400 bibles in my house. Also, I have been stoned many times, spat at and hit with eggs etc. I have seen many blind, deaf, dumb, and crippled people receive their healing in Jesus’ name, in addition to many others with various sicknesses, receive healing by the power of God, including a dead girl come back to life, as I laid hands on them. I have also personally seen many demon possessed people delivered and set free, even as recently as last week, by the power of God.

As a family we have had many challenging experiences. Through these trials we have learnt to put God first and always follow His ways, determined not to bow to political correctness in the church, society, or within the Government. I wonder whether you put your political party before Jesus? I’m only asking the question. Do you pray before you pin down an email rebuking a servant of God? Do you do it through anger or is it through genuine concern?? Some asked me, “Danny, are you anti-Labor.”  I said no, I am just anti-ungodly values and whichever party wants to propagate an anti-Christian agenda. Please hear my heart about my concerns regarding the Labor Party. Many have asked me, “What’s so bad about Labor???”

1) After the last Federal Election, when the parliamentarians took the oath, 50% of Labor MPs refused to touch the Bible, when given to them. (30 out of 60 MPs in Opposition). On the contrary only 1 MP out of 87 from the Coalition (Liberal & National) refused to touch the Bible.

2) Before the last election, at a ‘Meet the Candidate Forum’, Kevin Rudd was asked the question by Ps. Jill Lashbrook in QLD
(Catch the Fire coordinator), “If elected would Labor stop prayer in parliament?”, Mr. Rudd responded, “You do not need to pray in parliament, you can do it at home.”

3) At the web cast forum organised by ACL, Mr. Rudd was asked, would vilification laws be introduced federally, if Labor is elected? The response given by Mr Rudd was most ambiguous. Mr Rudd said, “I cannot answer yes or no.” His answer was certainly not a resounding no which for all who know something of the vilification legislation can see what snares it holds for those who want to preach the Gospel.

4) I have attached a letter from Mr. Rudd to one of his constituencies, where he declares Labor’s full support for Homosexuality, including the amending of current laws if elected, to support homosexuals. (sorry for the poor quality of this attached letter as we had to scan the hard copy)

5) Many women in the Labor party, including Julia Gillard (2nd in Command for Labor) are involved with ‘Emily’s List,’ a pro-choice group.  Before the last state election in Victoria, I warned the people “if you vote Labor, abortion would be decriminalized.”  I was criticized for this by some. However we all now know that bill was introduced in August this year. Thank God the new premier has put it on hold until March 2008. Think of it, that is even more of our children paying the price for not being the watchmen we are called to be. Our sons and daughter’s sacrificed, another generation sapped of all potential in our nation.

6) Even if Kevin Rudd is genuine, how could we trust a political party which has 60-70 % of members or more who have extreme left-wing ideologies? It’s not simply about labels, these extreme left-wing ideologies are totally anti-Christian and 60% to 70% of those members adhere to those values.

Would we sacrifice a government which currently has many leaders who have publically stated that they are Christians and have stood for Judeo-Christian values such as the Prime Minister John Howard, Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile, Treasurer Peter Costello, Attorney General Phillip Ruddock, Governor General Michael Jeffery, Defense Minister Brendan Nelson, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, Minister for Health Tony Abbott and many others including MPs Alan Cadman, Grant Chapman, Kerry Bartlett, Guy Barnett, John Forest, John Anderson …  and the list goes on.

I know I will be called a right-wing Christian for making these statements. I simply say, I am not willing to take the middle of the road approach, neither am I willing to play ball to both sides, to be on the good books of both parties. I will support the one who gives us the best deal for Christian values. Neither political party will give us 10 out of 10. I will support the one who give us the better deal.

Sadly, many Christians in the 21st Century are hesitant to take a stand on moral, social and political issues. The Word of God is very clear; we are to be HOT or COLD. “If you are lukewarm (Middle of the Road), I will spit you out!” These are strong words from the Lord, but they are sobering. Many Christians like to take the middle of the road approach because it is a more comfortable place to be in.

Sorry sir, if you want to be comfortable you have chosen the wrong path to follow. The narrow road which leads to eternal life is not a comfortable road, it is narrow. Following Jesus is not like running a business to satisfy every customer. Rather it is full of challenges and only the truth can set you free!

Let me ask you a simple question before you start responding to this email. Have you ever faced the challenge of death for following Jesus?? Have you ever been stoned for following Jesus?? Have you ever been spat at?? Have you ever been hit with eggs and attacked?? Have you seen the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, and a dead person come to life; demons come out as you prayed in the name of JESUS???

I don’t say this to trumpet any experience I’ve had in God but if you have also experienced what I have and if you are aware of the dangerous times we live in, then you might understand where I am coming from. I have lived through bombing, shooting, murder and watched a gruesome be-heading. And I am still alive, to say my God is mighty to save. I boast in my Father’s goodness and mercy which has seen us through.

So my dear family in Christ, please understand my heart. I pray that you will not bow down to political correctness but will stand for biblical correctness and be willing to pay the price to see Australia come back to Jesus.
In accordance with Ephesians 5:16 we are to be about our Father’s business, “redeeming the time, because the days are evil!” You are all in my prayers and I love you with the love of the Lord!  

Let’s stand and fight on behalf of the next generation and not look at the gain or loss of our back pocket! Let’s store up treasures in Heaven rather than on earth! (Matthew 6:19 – 21)

Many Blessings…


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    Hi Pastor Danny,
    David here from Church, Lighthouse that is. Great email, I was glad to read it.
    Many blessings be upon you and your family Ps Danny. Many of my prayers follow you. Blessings David

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    Greetings Danny and Catch the Fire Ministry,
    Praise God for your courageous and God-honouring stand. Thank you for your letter. You have our 100% support. We will continue to pray with and for you. “…but for the showers we plead”. Lord, let Your fire fall upon this spiritually thirsty land, for the glory of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Charles and Val

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    Dear Ps Danny,
    I too was a little taken aback at your email before this last one directing the followers of Christ to heed your obviously very passionate conviction that God was directing you to call the saints to vote Liberal. As God speaks directly to HIS people without the need for a third party it could easily been misconstrued to manipulating the people therefore causing the saints to become cautious of the messenger. Your email does come across as someone who is supporting the liberal political party even if this isn’t your intention. I am not a very political person and your words are almost accusatory about people of faith; vote liberal to prove your loyalty and hot for Christ. I feel like you are asking the saints to choose the less of the two evils. Sin or sin. The liberal party do not proclaim to represent Christ. Trust that God will speak to HIS people, and give them wisdom and eyes and ear to see and hear truth. I would listen far more to a cry of passion of your beliefs rather than being directed to act in a particular political way.
    I have in the past voted for Howard sensing a strength and wisdom in his conviction. I also like Kevin rudd who too, i believe is a Christian man (only God knows the heart) who has a long way to go in learning the ropes like any new leader. Who will i vote for, i’m not sure at this stage.
    God leads and i follow HIM, not as you do as HE hasnt called me to be a voice among the many. Few are chosen for such a walk. Be careful, not to be a Moses who stroke the rock. Blessings Joy

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    Hi Pastor Danny,
    I do agree with you about the points you have made concerning the Labor Party. This is why I have voted Liberal in recent years, and following the advice of the Australian Christian Lobby my husband and I became members of the party we vote for (in this case, the Liberal Party) two or three years ago. Also, it is looking like it will be impossible for the coalition to win the next election, and if they do succeed it will take a miracle. I really do honour your ministry and I hope you are right. I know it can be hard to step out in faith and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when it seems foolish in the natural, and I appreciate your faith and courage, but will you be willing to admit error if that should prove to be the case? Blessings and love, Estelle

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    Keep up the Good Work !
    We support you in fighting the Good Fight !
    May you expereience all of “God’s Richest Blessings” for your courageous stand on behalf of Christians everywhere ! In JESUS Mighty name ! Hallelujah ! ! !

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    Dear Danny and Catch The Fire Ministries

    Thank you so much for the article you sent it was spot on in every aspect. As I for one am not satisfied with “being comfortable” and can testify that the past two years of my life in terms of family, finance, health and politics have been the hardest of my life. And yet in the words of James 1: 2-4 I am learning to, consider it pure joy whenever I face trials of many kinds, because I know that the testing of my faith will develop perseverance and perseverance must finish its work so that I will be mature and complete, not lacking anything. I fully intend to partner with others in tearing down as many strongholds of the enemy as I can before my time on this earth is finished. The Christian Church has a choice to make – stand up for righteousness, draw a line in the sand and through prayer, unity and a bit of backbone win this country back to Australia or be prepared through inactivity to yield this ground to the enemy. What we don’t take hold of in the name of Jesus we give permission to the enemy to take instead. For the sake of the Kingdom of God and for the sake of my children and my children’s children I will not yield ground to the enemy. This is not about personalities it is about principalities and powers and the Church needs to understand who we are really battling against. My political stance has made me very unpopular with some business associates and others – but I don’t mind – I’m not looking for recognition or accolades in this world. We need to have a renewed eternal perspective. I want to personally say thank you to Danny for adopting Australia. Although not a native to this country you have shown a love for this land and its people that would (or should) shame many of us. There is a price to pay for living in the best country in the world and if the Church is not going to hold itself and our leaders accountable according to the principles laid down in the inerrant Word of God then we need to question whether we truly love this land and its people as our Heavenly Father does. I would like to take this opportunity to pronounce a blessing on your ministry and all who partner with you at Catch The Fire. You guys are doing a great job and it is not going unnoticed. Be encouraged. God bless and keep up the great work…

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    Thank you so much for sending this news to me. At the outset, let me say also how much I appreciate the stand you have taken and the obedience exercised re both PM Howard and Costello. The evidence you have now submitted is certainly cause for us to fight to see Howard retained. Earlier, I wrote to the media defending Howard as I believe the media is exercising all its evil forces against Howard to bring the Government down and Australians are just going along with “its time for a change” and all the other nonsensical statements being made. I also reminded people that the most popular leader (Rudd) is not always the most effective leader who I maintain is definitely Howard with his statesmanship qualities. Indeed, there is much behind Rudd which we should think about and which you have now exposed – thank you.
    I would like to see the Christians rise up and fight for our Government and will certainly do everything I can in Queensland as I know in my spirit that this election is more of a spiritual battle than a physical battle. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in this battle. May we, indeed, have the wisdom from above in these critical days of our nation’s history. Blessings. Lynne

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    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dear Danny, Jason and team.
    I applaud your stand. Please continue to stand firm. I am finding more and more that many ‘christians’ are looking more like goats, running round doing this and that program in Jesus name, looking like they are ‘Christian’ but not knowing Him as Lord, as they have come to be ‘church goers’ through seeker friendly churches who appear not to preach a message of repentance, but rather one of acceptance. I am finding people are now discriminating my wife in the workplace, my children in the school ground and myself for being too narrow minded when it comes to the Word of God. Still we meet and pray, for we are not after accolades of men, but the favour of God. As Keith Green sang about ‘No Compromise’ 20-25 years ago, be encouraged that you and others like you are not compromising the Word of God, and, in so doing will inspire the remnant of the true church in these last days to remain steadfast to the end. For the Bible says that in the last days even the elect will be deceived, and to this day I feel this is what is beginning to happen more widely than before.
    May God bless you as you stand firm in Christ Jesus girded with the full armour of God.
    Yours in Christ Jesus Sevice Graeme

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    I am truly sorry Ps Danny if there are those who have written to you in such negative terms. I pray that the true Body of Christ will rise up and silence the critics. In the meantime please accept this email as an encouragement and support for the Lord’s business and I pray that you and your family will be tremendously blessed for your faithfullness in the Word of God. Yours in Christ Tina

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    Hi Jason,
    I am delighted to know of the prophetic Word of the Lord given recently – thank you for sending this email out; very encouraging! I will raise Danny’s call to prayer with a group of intercessors I regularly pray with. I have also passed this email on to other Christians and those specifically involved in prayer ministries. Kathy

  11. 11 Office 2

    Thank you very much for this. I have just sent it around to quite a few people as we need to be aware of what is happening. We are quite concerned regarding the election and we can hardly believe the terrible write ups John Howard is getting in the newspapers. It is truly unbelievable and mostly slanted towards Kevin Rudd. We will continue praying and letting people know so that they see the big issues and not the small ones. Carol

  12. 12 Office 2

    Ps Danny
    I was very excited to read your email below and your Prophetic Word. I pray that the prophesy will come to pass and pray that all who read this email will vote biblically and not politically. You have truly been blessed to experience and do the work that God has set for you. Trish

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    I as a concerned Christian from New Zealand can only eco Danny Nalliah’s concerns
    about the forthcoming elections in Australia. In New Zealand for the past 8 years we have struggled as Christians under a very humanistic and anti -Christian Labour Government. We have seen our nation reduced in international standings in most surveys from near the top of the list to near the bottom. That is in areas such as Child Abuse, Standard of living, Violence, Education standards, health care, let alone Moral and biblical standards. Why is this? Because the word of God is true, righteousness exalts a Nation, and in NZ we have allowed righteousness to be stolen by faulty ungodly political leadership.
    Its not about political preference, its about biblical values. At the last election we organised many prayer meetings to seek the face of the Lord with regard to His choice of Government in NZ. It was obvious that the Holy Spirit was less than happy with the way the Labour led Government here had mocked him in the preceding six years. But unfortunately most Christians in South Auckland which is where the Election was lost and where there is a very high Christian population voted Labour. Because of promises
    and bribes aimed at lower income families. I would plead with Australian Christians to vote according to Righteousness and not according to party politics. You have your share of problems in Aust but at least your current government is not hosting international one world conferences aimed with particular emphasis on a one world religion as ours did in Paihia NZ six months ago. We had Islamic, Buddhist, Indigenous spirituality representatives from many nations and a few lap dog “Christian humanists” attending, when the true Church of Jesus Christ asked if they could send representatives they were told no! and if they came near the place they would be considered trespassers. The Church in NZ rallied and marched and protested but were still not allowed to attend. The agenda of our Labour led Government is to take us headlong into a one world society with a one world religion. Your Labour party is no different. Australian Christians please don’t get sucked in with Humanistic promises that sound good
    to the ear but are filled with a cobras venom. Ian

  14. 14 Office 2

    Dear Danny & Jason,

    I am writing this email, not in regards to your original prophecy but your defense of your position. I care little for the list of “qualifications,” and I don’t know Danny, having met him only once. I do know that Deuteronomy 13 talks about people who make accurate prophecies but also encourage people to follow other Gods. So the accuracy of the prophecy, to my mind is somewhat immaterial; I am more interested in the character behind the prophecy.

    While I’m not into stoning false prophets as Scripture commands, prophets of God are to be letter perfect. Jesus relied on single letters and punctuation points to prove doctrines. He could not have done this if prophets were allowed to mix truth and error. Likewise, the apostles of the early church whose function was to establish the foundation of the church. They could not build a strong church if they mixed truth and error in their teaching. Tertullian, an early church father devotes several chapters in Prescription Against Heresies to the infallibility of the apostles (especially Peter and Paul).

    Let me summarize for you: 1. Your “qualifications” and experience count are immaterial. Many will come on that day, saying “Lord, Lord,” and I will say “I never knew you.” The accuracy is immaterial to some extent. What counts is the man behind the prophecy. 2. Given the dim view that the Lord has on false prophets (vis a vie his command to stone false prophets), will you have the character, if (and I mean if) your prophecy does not come to pass, appologise in the same strength that you have defended your prophecy? Will you also stand aside, and not call yourself an apostle or prophet, and demand that others cease referring to you as a prophet or apostle?
    I am not trying to be harsh, and I will wait on the outcome. However, I will not accept that even if the prophecy comes to pass, that you are necessarily a prophet of the Lord. Deuteronomy 13 makes it clear that there are false prophets who make accurate prophecies, but are still false prophets. Oh, BTW, yes I have had demons flee at my command even when they were in the process of trying to kill someone before our eyes. Regards, Michael

  15. 15 Office 2

    I for one will not vote labor

    Thanks Jason,
    I think Eccl 10:2 sums up the anti-Christian sentiments exposed in your email.Have a great day, Pete

    Thankyou Pastor Danny for this email. I am further encouraged that John Howard and the Liberal Government who I can see have supported Christian values over the years, will be returned to Government in November. Thank you for all that you are doing. May God continue to bless Australia. Christopher

  16. 16 Office 2

    Until I read the reviews of this book out lined below, I would not have responded to your email regarding the relative benefits of the various political options available based on the relative reactions to aspects of Christianity. I am some what puzzled by the relative prism by which the effects of political and cooperate power on people is judged. Abortion – is a great evil. Yet so is the impoverishment though unjust trade and policies in distortions of food prices which increase the Poor’s plight, and keep governments in power? About 475 bill$/year is used in Agricultural subsidies in the world. Much is spent in Japan, USA and the EU to keep parts of their rural communities well off, yet this same subsidies depresses the prices of and access to markets for the rest of the world. Sure the cities get cheaper food than they other wise would, but at the expense of the reductions of prices in commodities to the producers and hence the standard of living in the rural communities. Not just in Africa, South and Central America, but our Rural decline is a direct result of these factors. Which is the larger evil, stem cell research, abortion or the substantial grinding poverty of much of humanity? Just because the poor can be blamed for being poor, or on poor governance, and is it at arms length it is not so obvious, yet it affects many more and the effects are cruel. However it is a problem which is not seen to be in our urban backyards.
    I have been exposed to the results of the free trade agreement with the US, and it was a sell out in many respects with out proper knowledgeable debate by Australians. It would seem that the type of policies outlined below are more likely to be seen in those of the Lib’s at the moment. However, this type of approach is likely to be used by any powerful group. My own view is that the church is suffering from the results of a history of anti-intellectualism, reluctance to encourage Protestant Christians into and to participate in the Union movement, as unless one was a Communist, the remains of the Catholic movements discouraged any participation. Mostly not by wanting to be associated with ‘those’ people. The result is that there have been few persons who could and can hold their place in those areas. This has been my experience, so we need to be encouraging those who can and will do so. Consequently we have effectively abandoned the area and so have little influence.

  17. 17 Office 2

    Dear Danny,
    I appreciate your thoughts expressed in the most recent email. I have been one who was attracted to Kevin Rudd well before he became leader and was of the opinion that he would do well and be a possible prime minister should he be given the opportunity. However, a few months ago I began to grow uneasy about him and as I prayed about it I began to understand that he will say and do anything to gain power. A person who will say or do anything to gain power is, I believe, a dangerous person to have as a leader. Once they gain power, what are they prepared to do with it? My prayer has been for a while that God will expose Kevin Rudd’s motives and his ambition for what it is. I don’t actually agree with all that the Liberals have done either but at least John Howard and his team have a proven track record and we know what they stand for and what their agenda is. Thank you for being bold and courageous and being prepared to speak out on this important subject. May God continue to guide you and bless you according to His heart’s desire, Heather

  18. 18 Office 2

    Dear Danny,
    Thankyou for the strong stand you are taking for Christian values. You are 100% right. God continue to bless and use you. In Christ, Ken

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR stand and clarity, words cannot express the dissapointment with the mixed messages the AOG IS SENDING OUT, EVEN GEORGE PELL IS A whole lot clearer on what THE BELIEVIES IN. I wont say which church i go to but they leadership is so careful not to makew any black and white statements about any thing even slightly controversial. It wasnt always like this, in fact I remember when one of our AOG missionaries was Martyed in SRI LANKA, things were much more black and white, and urgent, we seem to have completely forgotten our sense of urgency, and are rapidly loosing our freedoms and culture. All the best Regards Robert

    Thank you Danny for putting this in proper perspective.
    Our love, prayers and support Andrew & Karen

  19. 19 Office 2

    Dear Ps Danny

    Thank you for your email outlining why you have taken the stand that you have and what your position is in relation to the coming election. Thank you for stating clearly what the real issues are, Righteousness or unrighteousness, Godliness or ungodliness and being prepared to stand your ground in a right spirit of courage and humility. Thanks Danny for your encouragement to many others who also long to see righteousness exalt this wonderful nation of Australia. Bless you Danny I just wanted you to know we will be standing with you and praying also. Yours in Christ, David

  20. 20 Office 2

    Dear Ps. Nalliah.
    I thank you for this very informative e-mail. I have to confess that this information did not change my believes one bit, as I already strongly uphold and believe in Godly values. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job that you are doing in exposing the ungodly standards of the Labour party. I have heard that Mr.Rudd has given his heart to Jesus at the age of 18,but you wouldn’t think so when you read about his stand on homosexuality. Perhaps he is just trying to win their vote. Let’s just pray for him that God will touch him.
    I can just imagine the sort of e-mails you’ve been getting from some of the” Christians”. Let me encourage you, keep standing on Gods word and keep on moving forward. All these people will eat their words in time to come.
    God bless you. liya

  21. 21 Office 2

    Thank you, Danny, for this great encouraging email. May our Lord continue to bless and guide you in the days to come! We pray for our Lord’s will be done at the coming elections and I know that the Christian Democratic Party will always put God first and this will be my vote!!! Frank and Kay

  22. 22 Office 2

    Dear Ps Danny,
    I write to support your comments concerning the forthcoming Federal election. I totally agree with what you have said concerning the problems with Federal Labor. On a two party preferred basis, there is absolutely no question that, regardless of the leadership of the respective parties, the Liberal/National Coalition is far more agreeable to the interests of Christians than is the Labor party. Christians who think and say otherwise are either ignorant, lack discernment, or both. In fact, I will lay it on the line – any Christian, Church or Ministry that believes that the Labor party with all of its present anti-Christian policies is a better choice than the Coalition is at best captive to liberal theology and at worst apostate. Regards, Ewan

  23. 23 Office 2

    Dear Danny,
    Thank you for being about our Father’s business. May God continue to protect you and your family and give you wisdom and favour, Adrian

    God bless you Ps. Danny. May you enjoy a double portion of the Lord’s anointing. I pray often that God will protect you and your family always. Thank you for having the courage to voice what many of us feel. Bernie

  24. 24 Office 2

    Good on you Ps Danny!
    I know many ordinary people who aren’t Christian can tell something is wrong with Rudd. But you clearly delineate the facts. Labor is off the planet, and if Australia decides for a Rudd Government, it means Australia will be off the planet too. I totally agree that the Labor Party has EXTREME left wing idealogies. They are nutcases and if they get voted in, will have a total free hand to do what they like as every state Government is Labor too. With the Aboriginals, Mr Howard has taken the lead. It is about time we realise that giving welfare to any person actually contributes to their destruction. Some Aboriginals are trying to get out of their welfare trap, but it is so hard with such an ingrained system. Some Aussie Christians just don’t know what God thinks on Unions, welfare, crime etc. If they did search out the Bible, they would be shocked to find that God does not only disagree with the above, but he also doesn’t agree with ‘denominationalism’ or sects. Read Romans. Australia, READ YOUR BIBLES! God is not Catholic or any other ‘religion’……..and He doesn’t wait for us in 4 walls which some people think is a Church…. Daniel

  25. 25 Office 2

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    On behalf of my family and the our Church, I praise God for your continuous passion and boldness to proclaim the Truth of God’s Word. We stand together with you for the cause that we believe and have faith in the truthfulness of God’s Word. Keep up the good fight because it would achieve a good victory. It would be better for a Christian to fight and die in the battlefield than a Christian who lived without fighting any battle. Cheers… and God bless you. Shalom in Christ, Michael

  26. 26 Office 2

    You have all been an inspiration and especially Ps Danny I know he would not have spoken out the way he did unless he had heard from God. From today 18th September the tide has turned re the improvement in the polls. Praise the Lord for the POWER OF PRAYER and the prayer meetings taking place in Canberra and Parliament House today. I am excited and am praying that there will be 100,000 people praying for the elections and that we will continue to live a “quiet and peaceable life” in this country. I appreciate you all very much and pray the Lord’s richest blessing on all you put your hands to. Linzi

  27. 27 Office 2

    Pastor Danny,

    Dear sir – you say you do not trumpet your experiences with God. HOWEVER YOU DO TRUMPET YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS AND YOU USE YOUR PUBLIC PLATFORM TO DO SO ! I strongly object to this. You quote the website from Tony Abbott for the main basis of your objections to Labor. How level headed is this ?? I have not been subject to your frightening experiences. However, I have suffered for Christ in my own small way in my life. YET I CANNOT TRUMPET MY POLITICAL VEWS BECAUSE OF THIS. NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

    I have no doubt many in Labor fall short of Christian form and thought. However, the ENTIRE thesis of the conservative, right wing govt of this country is anti-Christian ! It seeks to take away the controls and labor laws designed to protect the weak and the ordinary working man. These are controls you would know nothing about unless you study the history of this country and you know where we have come from. You do not know, and this is sadly obvious in your vews. The century old labor unions did not come from anti-Christian men, but strongly committed Christian men and women who fought for a fairness in the workplace almost unknown throughout the rest of the world. It is this system which John Howard seeks to overturn and give all power back to the business community. Even though I have been an employer, and perceive much in Howard’s new dismissal laws which are good, I see him as ultimately driven to destroy the unions and change our way of life for the worse. New Zealand has already been down this path, America too. In both countries there is no legal minimum wage. I really feel that your extraordinary experiences in other parts of the world have given you specific extreme political vews which you bring to the Australian political landscape without understanding that landscape. To tell you the truth, your views have changed my perceptions of you Pastor Danny. I remain outraged, and yes there is anger in that, but I feel righteous anger. You are doing wrong in trumpeting your views in a democracy. We, and the Christian church, is NOT a black and white scenario for or against Christian values. MY MOST SERIOUS CONCERN IS THE ANTI-FAMILY LAWS WHICH BOTH PARTIES ESPOUSE WHICH FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THE BREAKUP OF FAMILIES BY FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING THE SINGLE PARENT WITH HUGE HANDOUTS IF AND WHEN A PARENT WANTS TO SEPERATE FROM THEIR PARTNER. THIS SAD SITUATION HAS CAUSED THE SUICIDE OF MANY FATHERS AND THE BREAKUP OF MANY FAMILIES WHICH WOULD OTHERWISE BE TOGETHER TODAY. IT ALSO UNDERMINES THE AUTHORITY OF THE FATHER IN THE FAMILY AND GOES DIRECTLY AGAINST THE TEACHING OF THE BIBLE. If you start to examine this scenario in our culture, you start to see the bigger picture of the breakdown of authority in our youth, the binge drinking, the traffic hooning, the utter and complete disrespect our youth have for the older generation – fuelled by drugs and alcohol. And our youth are killing themselves and maiming thousands each year in the process. Closely entwined with this is the profiteering of the gaming machine industry throughout the country and the insidious way this is destroying our family culture. Yet which political leader has had the guts to come out against this ? Not John Howard, but Kevin Rudd. John Howard’s silence and do-nothing attitude to this great crime in our midst screams loudly. DON’T seek to destroy a great Christian leader like Kevin Rudd when many far-sighted Christian people like myself are working to see Kevin change and improve our culture where Howard has failed miserably. What have you got to say about these sad matters ? I hear you say nothing. Your thrust should be against bad laws, not political parties. You have the emphasis all wrong Pastor Danny. Please think again. STEVE

  28. 28 Office 2

    Thanks Danny!
    Keep on going for our Lord. Rgds Rodney

    Dear Jason, and Danny,
    I have written to you before and want to thank you for this letter!
    I am actually in Kevin RUdds electorate and intend to get into writing to him as a constituent , on a regular basis. Thank you, Margaret

    The Lord bless you as you speak the truth.. the sad thing is so many Christians follow the lies of Labor and the godless leadership they represent. I believe in the power of the Name of Jesus to be victorious in Australia against the lies of Satan. Betty

  29. 29 Office 2

    Dear Danny,

    You have implicitly and explicitly invited a response, and I want to take up the invitation, ever so briefly with just four points.
    1) While I accept and honour your Christian experience, I respectfully suggest that neither your experiences of persecution or of healings equip you to make political judgments any more than those of us who, by virtue of where God has placed us, have had less dramatic lives. Against the backround of the Bible’s teaching about the distribution of spiritual gifts in the church, its teaching about vocation, and its teaching about wisdom, your claim to have some authority in matters of civil life because of those experiences is simply untenable.I believe the basic premises of your argument fly in the face of scripture. As far as I know there is no hint in scripture that God wants Christians to lead governments, per se, though from time to time he will place a Joseph or a Daniel in a position of influence. The important thing is that justice is done. Meanwhile God chooses sometimes to use pagan kings to do his work. The church was born into a hostile environment and has often flourished in adversity. One needs look no further than China. Better to have a government with just and righteous policies than a government full of Christians who simply keep their faith in a private box. Philip Yancey recently made the challenging observation that the most Christian society in the world in terms of church attendance etc (the USA) is known by other people around the world first and foremost for unbridled wealth, militarism and obsession with sex – the very opposite of Christian values. So one is entitled to ask what God thinks about having lots of Christians in government, if government policies favour an enormous gap between rich and poor, war as the first means to settle differences or protect one’s economic position, and the exploitation of sex in a thousand ways for economic gain.
    2) There is a very strong emphasis in scripture on justice in society, not just personal morality. Isaiah is just one example of the prophets who rail against the religious devotion of the people when they are oppressing the poor. To the extent that the Australian government fails to protect the rights of aliens (asylum seekers for example), marginalises minorities such as the Indigenous people of this nation, favours the rich and powerful against the poor, fails in its stewardship of creation and puts selfish interest above truth and justice, then it doesn’t matter how many Christians there are in the Coalition parties. The issue is not whether a Parliamentarian is a Christian but whether he or she takes his or her faith inside Parliament, inside the party room. So we are confronted with God-given surprises, where for example the Greens, who seem to be the pet hate of conservative Christians, allow conscience votes where the major parties insist on absolute conformity to party policies.
    3) We have to be very careful in these things that we don’t break the ninth commandment by misrepresenting people. At least some of your ‘evidence’ against Kevin Rudd is gathered from his political opponents, including Tony Abbott. This is certain to give a biased and therefore to some extent untrue account. You refer to Labor’s ‘full support for homosexuality’, whereas the letter refers only to extending certain rights to homosexuals, but not the status of marriage. So your statement is effectively untrue. Do you have a group of wise advisers who help you with the statements you make, to ensure that they are fair and true?
    4) To sum up, there is a middle road, and it is one we ought to take. We should take it with all our faith and energy (which is what God is saying to the church at Laodicea, not taking extreme positions on civic issues). It is not the road of party politics, of one party deserving support because it supposedly has more Christians than another. It is the road of truth and justice, and this will have sincere Christians making different choices, because most political issues are simply not black and white, but involve choices between the lesser of two evils. This is not the road of ‘political correctness’, it is the proper way for godly people to think and act. Neither left wing ideology nor right wing ideology are the same as biblical truth. Of course on particular issues we should take sides. In one case it may be the policy adopted by the right, in another case the policy of the left. It’s not my job to change your mind – but I think it is right to ask you to consider the possibility that some of your critics may be at least partly right – and even that a vote for Kevin Rudd and the Labour party could be a faithful and godly choice for some Christians. Yours in Christ, Tom

  30. 30 Office 2

    Dear Jason

    Thank you for sending me Ps Danny’s letter.
    Many Christians have strong political views but we always try and do the “Christian thing” by being extremely careful not to say anything negative about the other candidates. Danny does not beat around the bush. He comes right out and proclaims that we should not vote labour. Some people may be shocked by his boldness but I admire him for his willingness to speak out about a group who he believes will be bad for this country. My first thought when I read his letter was “We as Christians need to seriously consider some of this stuff before we cast our vote”. I have been in many prayer meetings prior to elections. In almost every case the prayers have been along the lines of “Gods will be done”, “God be glorified” and so on. I am not saying it is wrong to pray like that but I wonder if we need to get a bit more specific in our prayers. Maybe we need to pray for specific people to be elected and for others to not be elected. Maybe we need to do our homework and, like the prophets of old, be prepared to say “Thus saith the Lord, “I do not want that person in office” “. God has really challenged me through Danny’s letter. For to long I have tried to be politically correct and not speak out about why I don’t vote labour. Not any more. I need to be prepared to speak out about what I know to be true Bless You Kevin

  31. 31 Office 2

    Hello Ps Danny
    I would just like to thank you for this email giving such a wonderful explanation behind your prophecy. As far as I am concerned when a person like you hears from God and shares that message there is no doubt in my mind that we are all blessed. I too do not follow any particular party, however I do wish to fight for this country and so the political party that is prepared to stand up and fight for Christian values will always get my support. I know that as we head to this Federal election, Catch the Fires Ministries will be organising prayer meetings to pray for God’s will to be done. I will stand with you and fight for the next generation. Let’s make sure that on our watch the devil does not succeed. Yours in Christ

  32. 32 Office 2

    Thanks, but I will not be distributing this unless there is a balanced approach – Danny is asking people to see a prime minister who lies, is deceitful and disregards the word of our God on the rights of others. I find this line verging on blashphemy, for in my searching of the mind of God, I’ve been lead to Amos chapters 6 through 8 – here the charge is that people have put wealth and prosperity before righteousnesss- (something Howard is consistently doing) Ian

  33. 33 Office 2

    Dear Danny
    Thank you for this email. It has helped me understand more of your heart & where you are coming from. I have had concerns that you were perhaps aligning yourself fully with the “right” of politics just because, traditionally, they have had more godly values. As anyone who has followed politics in our nation would know, there has been some shifting (towards the middle) from both sides over the last couple of decades & I am always concerned about us, as Christians, aligning ourselves completely with one side or another & declaring that this is “God’s Side” (as seems to have happened in the USA). It looks narrow-minded and prideful to the unsaved (& it is!), & often leads to people blindly voting as told by Christian leaders, rather than being a responsible Christian individual who finds out the truth for him/herself (ie. discovering what each party’s current policies, plans and values are). It is important that we continually evaluate & assess where political parties are at (their policies, general values & moral stances), as things can change. I think this principle of individual responsibility for each Christian as a citizen/voter is very important & encourage our people to seek out the truth & make an informed & prayed about choice. The information about the stand of the politicians regards making their oath on the Bible was very interesting. Thank you. God Bless Christina

  34. 34 Office 2

    Dear Danny and team

    Just a few comments in reply. I suggest the body of christ may unite in prayer, but not action. I do not think that a vote for Labor means God can not work in this nation. I draw attention to the 2nd last paragraph in the letter from Kevin Rudd you quote he is for homosexuals – he states the schemes are not civil unions or gay marriage, and does not support such. I have heard the ACT Liberal senator on the radio supporting the same financial, superannuation schemes for gay couples. Likewise many catholic and other Labor supporters would not countenance abortion. Elsewhere I believe Kevin Rudd has come out in support of prayer in the parliament. There is no genuine way of telling how anyone will act after elected until they are elected. As constituents, it is our democratic right to canvass our desires by writing to our local members or the PM. There are many dedicated christians in labor, Kevin Rudd being one of them. You make no mention of social justice issues, such as the poverty of many Australians, and the greedy direction the Howard Government has led this nation. In particular the work choices legislation has left many people worse off while the government lines its pockets in prejudice. I believe you cannot say Labor does not have the genuine interests of Australians at heart. Yes, let us all pray, but not to reward the egos of the coalition! Yours sincerely in Christ Lee

  35. 35 Office 2

    Good onya Danny,
    We are with you standing for the truth & right 100%-
    We’ve had a few churches burnt down, and caught by the police too in a country near yours.
    Keep speaking out. Our love to you – Roger & Daphne

  36. 36 Office 2

    Hi Jason,

    What has been expressed in the email you sent is of concern to Christians, but I am very concerned about pointing to the other major political party in preference over the gay/lesbian issue and whether a politician puts their hand on the bible or not. Just because they may put their hand on the Bible does not mean they are going to serve the people of this country better than someone who does not and placing their hand on the Bible does not mean they do not have their own agenda. There are many ‘so called Christians’ who outwardly profess/show they are Christians but who do not practice true Christianity. Practicing homosexuality is a sin, but the way the government has treated refugees, the neglect to aboriginal people in health and education and the disregard of the environment are also sins. So I do not think pointing the finger at some areas and not including others is wrong. Maybe people should be forgetting about the two large political parties and go for the smaller ones? I personally feel the Mr Howard is a disgrace to this country and to his ‘christian beliefs’ in the way he has been running this country these last few years. Bev

  37. 37 Office 2

    Dear Danny, “And having done all to stand!”

    I write to encourage you. If you have heard from God you have no reason to fear what people say. The hard part is as I say ‘knowing we have heard from God’. Often the words we speak prophetically are not understood in the manner that the Holy Spirit intends them to be understood, but when we make a clear prediction it is hard for us if we have allowed ourselves to hear our own heart at the expense of what God might be saying.
    If you are right and John Howard is re-elected PM, I will great rejoice (not that Howard is elected but that you ‘got it right’ when everyone else got it wrong.) If we get the government we deserve pity help us but if we get the Government of God’s grace may we walk worthy of the calling and blessing that God has placed us under. I love you mate and I’ll stick by you even if you are wrong because I know just what is required to ‘get it right’! Love, Rob

  38. 38 Office 2

    Hi there!

    My name is Hannah, and I am only 16, but I am fully supportive of the prophecy you recieved about John Howard being re elected, and I am so excited! I have always thought of John Howard as a really great Prime Minister, and when I pray for him I know that God truly loves him. I have never quite agreed with the labour party, and when I studied the party in class, I found alot wrong with their values and beliefs. I love Australia, and I also love John Howard, and I hope that everything goes well for him in the future! My parents and I were just lamenting the other day that we really wanted to see John Howard and the Liberal party
    leading Australia again. Thank you so much for being open to God about this subject, because I really believe in what He has told you, and I will be praying for you, your ministry, and this great nation! God Bless, Hannah.

  39. 39 Office 2

    My response in a nutshell is this – that it is God Almighty who puts Kings and Rulers in place. I vote with a Christian conscience on matters that concern me as a believer, but the unlying truth is, despite what I think, it is still God who will chose the next Leader of this Nation. Whether he is the man of our personal choice or not, God does know what He is doing. It may be that this Nation will have to see desolation before it realises the value of a Holy and Righteous God, the One who knows the beginning from the end and everything in between. So I refuse to fret and fume and stamp my feet and twirl around and allow whatever is happening in politics to control my thinking. As the old song says: “Whatever will be, will be” but the difference is we know the One who is behind the “Whatever” and we trust Him implicitly.

  40. 40 Office 2

    Hello Danny
    Thanks Danny for your update e-mail. I agree with your comments 100% and I appreciate your concerns should the labor party be elected to power, those are mine also. I get a strong check in my spirit every time I listen to either Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard. The problem I believe I see in both is such self control happening that they present themselves as plastic people and as such devoid of any sincere heart expression, unlike John Howard who quite willingly shows his heart on his sleeve when ever he is moved by events that touch him. Thanks Michael

  41. 41 Office 2

    Having received the e-mail from Danny at Catch The Fire Ministries, I would first bring to your notice that my connection to Catch The Fire Ministries is my calling from the Lord to attend the Rise Up Australia Prayer Meeting on the first Friday of each month at Glen Eira College. When I sought the Lord as to whether I was to have more involvement with Catch The Fire Ministries He has shown me the direction to go which does not include Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.
    But Catch The Fire Ministries does bring to notice Prayer Times such as the Prayer Time from 7:00am to 7:00pm on 07/07/07 and the Australia Day Combined Churches Prayer Meeting which I am able to share with others.
    I would say that I to am not a member of a Political Party. In fact at the next election I will not be putting Liberal or Labour as my first choice giving thanks to Almighty God that we do have preferential voting in Australia. I believe why the Lord has guided me this way is because it stops people labeling me as to being of one political persuasion as I talk to them. I am able to say that I do not vote for either party as my first choice but I am able to say that the way I vote is as guided by Almighty God. They can then guess as to what way I vote because if they mention political parties I say to the “maybe”.
    I totally supported the actions of Danny. My prayer is and I pray that it is the prayer of the Body is that the Government of God’s choice will come into Government. I pray that the Lord will richly bless you all at Catch The Fire Ministries richly!

  42. 42 Office 2

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    Keep up the great work. What you said in this email needs to be said. Far too many Christians these days are actually preaching and teaching what amounts to unbelief and making the Word of God into something more like Shakespeare where we can all have our interpretations on what is meant. The Bible is the Word of God and if God didn’t mean what He said, why didn’t He say what He meant!
    In the Bible, Jesus said “If you love me, you will obey what I said.” Maybe there are too many ‘Christians’ who do not love Jesus! Again, keep up the great work!
    Every Blessing Roger

  43. 43 Office 2

    Dear Danny, reading your email has give me the infromation I needed to help me decide how to vote. But I sometimes wonder if we are just putting off the inevitable. Each day we pray for the kingdom of of God to come. But before this can happen God tells us that there will be a One world Govenment and One world Religion. Already in this country we see signs of this happening, with everything becoming more and more centralised, and this Govenment is part of that world wide movement. The other thing I would like to say is that just because someone claims to be a Christian does not make them one. In fact they are a greater danger than those who openly say they are not. If we want to be sure our Govenment Ministers are really Christians we should see it in the way they live; they should be different from the rest of the world. They are suposed to be an example. But I am afraid that these members of Parliment who claim to be Christian, do not act any different from the rest. They lie, they are just as greedy as the rest, they say and do anything to get their own way. If they are the kind of Christian leaders we have, is it any wonder people want a change. I am sorry, but it is so frustrating to watch these things happening. It is not our Govenment leaders we should be looking to, but rank and file Christians. The thing that will change our Country is when ordinary Christians are prepared to do what Jesus said; “Go out into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” Yours in Christ; John

  44. 44 Office 2

    Dear Pastor Nalliah

    I hope that this is the correct email address to contact you on – it was the only one I could find on the email forwarded to me. Although you do not know us we are also in Christ. We would just like to offer you encouragement and support for taking the stand of releasing your prophetic word and having the courage to stand up for what you believe in the face of opposition. Sometimes so-called “Christians” can be cruel and judgemental, I pray that God opens their eyes too to see the truth. It has long concerned me that we do not pray enough in our Churches for the leaders of our country. We should pray for them every week in our services & that God’s will be done in their lives & in this wonderful country of Australia. It also concerns me that many ministers of the Gospel are silent on so many issues. We Christians have a large voice but if we do not use it we are like the salt that loses its flavour! We become complacent that things will just continue on as they always have & unfortunately that is not the case. Unless we fight in prayer & at the ballot box we could lose our “religious freedom” here. Having come to Australia 20 years ago from Zimbabwe we are well aware of fighting terrorism and the repercussions of ungodly men being in power. We find that there is a spirit of complacency over Australia & I think that we have to learn to do some fighting, spiritually (and vocally if necessary). We personally were very happy to hear your prophetic word and believe that John Howard will be re-elected, despite what the media would try to brainwash us into thinking. It seems if they cannot come up with a real story they simply make one up to “stir the pot & see what comes up”. I have not spoken to a single person who voted Liberal & has changed their mind yet the press would have us believe otherwise. Instead of being informative they try to be formative of our opinions. May the Lord bless you and protect you and justify you. Take courage – thank you so much for your boldness! Kind regards

  45. 45 Office 2

    Dear Jason, thanks for the info on the Stuff over the Prime minister and others. I wonder at the wisdom in trying to explain ourselves as Prophets and expounders of the Word even to the Christian Body. There are some things we are called to do in the Lord that have nothing to do with others in the Body. Jesus was sent to the pool of Bethsaida to heal one man. He went anonymously and did not tell the man who He was. It was only later that He revealed Himself to the man in the temple. Who exactly were you told to tell this information to? Was it the Body? Or did you feel obliged to be transparent because of a misguided sense of wanting to belong. YOU Belong!!!!!!! To the KINGDOM. Whether the body approves of you or not. That in my understanding is often the position of those called to be prophetic. I note with interest that the prophecy was conditional anyway – as Christians prayed -. You do not need to give any credentials to anyone – the signs speak for themselves – they did with Jesus. May I suggest that Wisdom says Do not put out on the net information that is not the business of the body. This is not being secretive but wise. All that counts is written in the book of life – on that and that alone will you be judged. The PHARISEES DELIGHTED TO HAVE FOLK SEEK THEIR APPROVAL AS THE GUARDIANS OF THE LAW . Today not much has changed. Modern day Pharisees seek to know and give approval for the things of the Spirit. Get on with What the Lord has for you to do. Our nation is in dire straits as we have not repented. Do we think that saying sorry to God was enough? No He wants radical change in us. Preach repentance and turning away from sin First to the Church then to the pagan. May blessing upon blessing upon blessing be yours as you seek to know his ways. Robert.

  46. 46 Office 2

    Dear Danny,
    I would like to say thank you for your openness and would like to add that sometimes I am left speechless by what comes forth from the churches, lay Christians and Pastors alike. I have also had a pastor write to tell me that he doesn’t want to receive my emails anymore (I forward info which I think is helpful for us Christians to know) because he believed Christians should not direct others in voting. Another group sent me info with scriptures saying we should stay out of politics, another complained that I might cause some division by sending out info that is against equal rights for gay couples, and another chap saying I’m just plain prejudiced…isn’t it great!! As an aside – I have a daughter who says she doesn’t want to ever see me again won’t let her children see me either and this is because I am a Christian, though believe me with her I don’t push the fact. We are standing and please God I may stand for Him whatever comes…not that I want to go through what you have been through, and I thank Him for you and your strength.
    May the Lord continue to bless and protect you and your family, Patricia

  47. 47 Office 2

    Your confirmation that John Howard MUST BE RE-ELECTED confirmed to me that god is indeed speaking to and through me. God took me to a place and showed me what the result of a labour victory would entail. Rest assured the lord will not allow for other than a Howard re-election. Whilst my eyes were veilled from seeing particulars, John Howard and the Costello camp have an important role in upcoming events pertaining to world affairs and the second coming, Continually watch and pray- god bless you- your brother in Christ, Luke.

  48. 48 Office 2

    My dear brother in the Lord, Danny.

    May our Lord and saviour bless you, your family and your ministry for the stand that you are taking for righteousness in our nation knowing something of the rebuke that you received for speaking prophetically, I would like to ask those who rebuked you, where in either the Old Testament or New, do we find an instance where a prophet of the Lord had to ask permission from any leader or Apostle [whether a real apostle or self proclaimed!], to bring a word, in obedience to the Lord, where the Lord created such a miraculous opening. I pray that our precious Lord Jesus, will give you total peace at this time and vindicate you completely as you rest in Him.. My our mighty God strengthen you to keep up the good work The grace and favour of God, our loving Father continue to be with you. Your sister in the Lord. Kathy

  49. 49 Office 2

    Dear brother,
    I implore you with all humility to remind your congregation to constantly pray, watch and to let the light of Christ within you all to shine forth for all unbelievers to see. This is particularly important in the coming FEW years. Like I said earlier, the lord veiled my face from certain details, but I had a distinct sense of joy in my heart when I realized that this was for the “no man knows the hour of the second coming” reason. We can all look forward to exciting and trying times in the next few years. Remember to uplift and encourage each other and to love unconditionally, for it is love that covers a multitude of sins. I look forward to meeting with you in the near future. your brother in Christ:) Luke.

  50. 50 Office 2

    I would like to thank Ps Danny for his forthright and unapologetic email concerning the election. I have recently been challenged afresh through the Amazing Grace (Wilberforce’s story) that positive change needs to come from inside the parliament. Many groups advocating Christian ethics outside parliament can only do so much. My prayer is that God will raise up a Wilberforce of the 21st century to do away with abortion just as the first Wilberforce did away with slavery. I am glad there are like minded Christians around and will continue to pray for “inside” change both spiritually and legislative. Bless you for your ministry. Janelle

  51. 51 Office 2

    I am so thankful to God for you. Thank you for where you go and what you do.
    Your meetings with those leaders is something that no one else would do. No one else has had the hair-raising experiences that you have had. I thank the Lord for Him having given you to Australia.

  52. 52 Office 2

    Catch the Fire Ministries.
    Dear Sir/Madam, I was most interested to read the article by Ps Nalliah, but I think that many of his statements should not go unchallenged. I shall comment on some of the paragraphs listed. 1. Not sure that “not touching the Bible” means that you are able to draw any substantive conclusions. Who are you or we to make this judgement. Why wouldn’t Tony Abbott make these comments, if it was self serving? 2. I thought an honest and not unreasonable response from Kevin Rudd, because if one chooses to watch the parliamentary proceedings,how can you say that the Lords Prayer that precedes each session being recited has had an impact on the proceedings. There is absolutely no humility in any of the actions that follow. 3, 4 and 5 You may have a point so do not disagree. 6. You cast doubt on Kevin Rudd’s genuiness and yet you do not back this up with any evidence, and also I would have thought that Labor’s policies were designed to help the poor and disadvantaged, rather being vilified as extreme left wing ideologies. In my view that was exactly what Jesus Christ was doing, and so, what is so wrong if the Labor Party attempts to restore some of these values in our society.
    As far as the politicians that you list as having Judeo-Christian values, how can you say this with any credibilty. I could go into detail of the anti- Christian values (in my opinion) that the present government has displayed over the past 11 years, but I will just mention some of them, by heading only, because I’m sure that you will know the detail -Tampa, Pacific Solution, Baxter,Woomera and Villawood detention camps, David Hicks, Nauru, AWB, Work Choices,Iraq and the list goes on, and all of those politicians you mention have been involved in one way another, in these disgraceful decisions. Can you honestly say that all of these issues have involved any compassion from the Government? I’m sorry to say that I do not think that you have presented a balanced case. You have highlighted what you consider the virtues of the Howard Government, without mentioning where, following 11 years of Government, they have failed the people. I’m not saying that the Labour Party is without fault, but I think that you have been blinded by what you perceive to be the so-called Christian values of the some of the leaders in the Coalition. On their record they do not deserve this acclamation.
    Yours sincerely Bruce

  53. 53 Vanessa

    I would just like to make a point re taking the oath on the Bible – Scripture actually says we are not to swear by the Name of God or the Bible, in fact of making any pledge at all, because God holds us to it, so I don’t think this supports the argument.
    Also, Romans speaks of our inability to worship the Creator, rather than the Creation, and that because of this core action, God leaves us to our depravity. By continuing to focus on ‘values’ we are actually treating the symptoms, rather than the cause. While God does ask us to be concerned with our society, this is not to take away from the declaration of Christ as Lord and communication of His gift of reconciliation, upon repentance, to all. The individual’s acceptance or rejection of the gospel is what we need to be concerned with, rather than political involvement.
    While I am not averse to Christian influence in the marketplace, I am concerned that we are starting to blur the lines here, where Christianity is becoming politicised and a bargaining chip for those who want powerful positions in our society. We need to be careful we are not being manipulated and our vote being sold to the highest bidder.
    As for the ‘prophecy’, I am all for making God’s voice making a return to the Christian world – however, my concern is that these ‘prophecies’ seem to be all positive and what would be the result, in the natural, that we would most prefer. We fail to understand the true nature of God and that He has prepared even the wicked, the Bible says, for the days of evil. We do not comprehend when God acts in what we would see as negative terms. We seem to want God to do what we think is best, not the other way around. Look at what happened in the US, with the Right championing ‘taking a stand for Jesus’ and the congress being returned to Democrat hands. People were bereft because ‘prophecies’ had told them it would all work out in accordance with their activism. I think we need to remain open that God knows what He’s doing; if the drought continues, if Kevin Rudd gets elected – it’s His call, as part of a bigger picture He alone knows about. At what point do we trust Him and His soverignty and not try to manipulate Him into getting what we want? I think in this coming election, we need to be open to the fact that what God has planned may surprise us.

  54. 54 Jen

    Hi Pasor Danny,

    I have just received your prophetic email from a close friend, and I praise God for his timing. I have always voted for the Liberal Party, mainly because I’ve had positive dealings with Party members when I’ve needed help with Goverment Agencies. They may only be the Oppostition Party in my state, but they went in to bat for me when the other political parties ignored my cries for help.
    In saying that, I had started to lose the faith in the Liberal Party on a Ferderal level because of some of the decisions they have made over the past few years that I have not agreed with. Which has left me at a loss who to vote for this coming election, as I don’t trust Kevin Rudd one little bit!
    But your email has made me see that even though I may not agree with some of the things John Howard has chosen for our country, the Liberals are by far the party that will uphold at least some of the Christian morals and values. As you stated, no political party will give us 10 out of 10, but the Liberals are definately the better choice for us Christians.
    Thank you so much for making me see something I already knew, but was too blind to see. May God bless you, your family and your faithful work. – Jen

  55. 55 Susan

    Great message Pastor Danny, although I am a little shocked that any Christian might need to be told not to vote Labor….personally I see my job on earth is to ask God what he wants, who he wants me to vote for, what his will is etc

    However I wanted to make comment about your inclusion of Treasurer Peter Costello in your list of incumbant government christians.

    My issue is with him is this…he turns up to Hillsong conference, knowing it will be mentioned in the press, is greeted with a standing ovation, as is our way to honour our leaders, and then he flips on the abortion issue!

    I was absolutely horrified! I felt betrayed…and am seriously suspicious that he is using us all for “the christian vote”

    Is it any wonder that the Lord has kept Prime Minister Howard in place?

  56. 56 Kevin

    Dear Danny,

    I don’t have any problem with you expressing a Christian opinion about political parties. But when you claim to have had a prophecy from God predicting the outcome of the upcoming election you have certainly gone out on a limb. If your “prophecy” does not come to pass we will know that you are a false prophet. We will watch the outcome with interest.

  57. 57 Chris

    Hello Pastor Danny
    I received an email of the prophecy spoken of, and in my reading and understanding of your ministry I believe the prophecy to be true and from God. Thankyou, for making it public as I believe it gives specific direction when praying for Gods will to be done. Bless you Pastor

  58. 58 Bob Cotton of Maitland


  59. 59 Kochu Rajendran

    Dear Danny
    I have scanned your email. Do we, as Christians worry about evil things that are around us?. Do we get angry about it? What do we have to do as Christians?

    May God bless you



  60. 60 Anne Marie

    I’ve been wondering where the Churches stood in the coming Election, Thank God. now I know. I believe that the current swing to Labor is due to the downfall of society as predicted. You know, lately I often pray that Jesus will come soon, I can’t enjoy life as much as other people do because people are becoming so ‘Godless’. The immorality and the loose attitude is rubbing off on so many that it is hard to find a True Christian.
    Lately I have thought that if the Liberals don’t get in, it will be a downhill slide and they will have to rescue us from Labor later, like they have previously. People have such short memories. I still hear people loving Whitlam, Why I wonder. He almost ran the country into a brick wall, the Liberals had to rescue it. Labor runs it into the ground every time. Look at the Bob Hawke days, he dumps his wife who developes Altzheimers, and takes up with a younger woman. Drinks and raves about having a public holiday for a boat race?? Forget the country, just drink to celebrate!
    The horrible crimes commited in our country and we are a ‘peaceful’ nation? We may as well be in a warzone, with the dreadful murders, rapes and drugs. The judges jail for white collar thefts, and let a murderer go free or serve only a minimal sentence, for getting evidence illegally? Then give the same sentence for accidental road death, and a deliberate murder of a small child.
    Am I disgusted, no worse, I’m devastated and hurt for Christ who died for us, and so many don’t Praise or thank Him. Yes, I’ll vote Liberal, they are not perfect, but I’m frightened as hell of Labor. Thanks for listening.
    Keep up your good work. Many blessings. Anne

  61. 61 Stephen Wilms

    Dear Pastor,

    You are right to question all who claim the precious name of our Lord. As for Mr. Rudd, I think we now know where he stands, from the question and answer he gave over SBS TV recently:

    Question – “Mr Rudd, do you believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God?” Answer – ” Well, I’m a – er… I’m a, a person who attends church regularly.”
    (Mr Rudd SBS news Friday 28 September) News Australia&clipId=1207_3084491

    In my opinion, any TRUE Christian would certainly not have needed to hesitate and would have shouted from the housetops – YES!
    Also, anyone can attend church regularly, but that does NOT make them a Christian – any more than if I regularly attended a golf club would make me a golfer! I could just go to the golf club as a social member because I like to food or the atmosphere or the music or any number of reasons…

    My admiration and Blessings to you for your courageous stand for Christ! Stephen.

  62. 62 Office 2

    Dear Danny
    Like you I am concerned about the election. However I went to university with Mr Abbott and Mr Costello. I know first hand that their morals are at best questionable and at worst criminal. I can offer proof of what I say. The choice comes down to one between criminals and criminally inept. My main concern is for our children. They have no worthy examples to follow into adulthood. Politicians of all political persuasions have so little regard for the truth that it is offensive to our children. Bureaucrats lack the courage to apologise when discovered. This one act would convince many children that the people responsible for their oversight have some value as role models. The document which provides the best example of this is the one used to justify a police presence in Aboriginal communities. The “Children are Sacred” report is a farce. It contains more inconsistency than the testimony of a criminal trying to escape prosecution. To be brief the Australian govenment has known since the 1870’s (and again this is provable) about the extent and the nature of the activities of pedophiles and it has taken them 132 years to do something about it. That is not inefficient it is wickedness. Remember demons also fear Christ and pray that he will not harm them. Terrorism is a farce invented by America to make God fearing people submit to unjust laws.Terrorist cells were originally conceived to execute Moslem politicians who refused to impliment Charia law. Nasser hung the leader (Saleem Qutub) and the CIA infiltrated the fledgling cells and convinced them to murder innocent people. Remember Danny our politicians have a responsibility to be just. One cannot be just until we know the truth. Law has to be based on the truth and any law based on a lie is by definition unjust and an abomination to God. The Lord has decreed that all men should work for a living. Red tape has made it almost impossible to get work because of it. Red tape as implimented by today’s government is sinful because it interferes with a man’s right to earn a living. We are stuck with today’s politicians because we have refused the governance of the God of Jacob. Therefore men have been set over us who are tyrants who do not govern for the benefit of the people.(somewhere in Deuteronomy) These people use our own selfish nature to fragment our unity and direct us away from the truth. My prayer for this election is to pray that people en masse will turn against their selfish nature. To do such a thing will make Australia ungovernable by present methods. The only way will be for those in power to make just regulations and see that they are enforced.
    Yours in Christ.

  63. 63 Office 2

    Sir / Madam,
    I was sent an E-mail about you, and I have no idea how it came to be sent to me?? I did not put in a request for it, or any such thing? It was entitled ‘Christian Witness’. I don’t really care how I came to receive it, I just Praise God that I did! I am most powerfully interested in finding out more about you, and your organization. I do have your Web site, and what I have read there has enthralled me! I have been classified as a ‘radical’, and been put down because I ‘dare to have the audacity’ to express myself, and my Christian faith and views! I believe in Christ, and that is all there is to it! I come from a “bad” background, full of all manner of perversion, fear, hatred and evil, and had a powerful conversion experience at 32. I am now 56. As I jokingly say to people these days; “I once absolutely and utterly HATED Christians, now I am one!” I also notice that you have Danny Nalliah associated with you.. ‘Praise God’ is all I can say to that!! I look upon him as ‘one potent man of God’! I once supported him with Tribe Of Judah Motorcycle Ministries at a rally in the City of Melbourne.

  64. 64 Derek Louey

    Dear Danny,

    I have no affiliation with the ministry that you have been involved in but I decided to visit your web-site to find out more about your viewpoints. I was only made aware today that you were the person who was at the centre of the Victorian vilification allegations made in 2002. The case evoked mixed feelings from me. It revealed the fragile state in which ‘religion freedom’ exists even in our supposedly modern democratic country. It also reinforced an impression of the somewhat double standards directed towards Christian beliefs in comparison to the tolerance given to the panoply of ideas expressed by other groups. At the same time, I entertained the idea that this new development was a good thing. Perhaps this would make us realise how important and precious our faith in Christ is. It was in these circumstance, as it was in 1st century Roman rule and as it is in repressive states such as China where paradoxically the exciting, powerful and liberating news of the gospel has reached listening ears and flourished.

    Clearly you are a person who is very clear about where your allegiances lie and have indeed suffered for it. Judging from the following responses, it is also obvious that you command great respect and influence amongst your supporters. Your steadfastness to Godly values is to be commended and your position of power is impressive.

    I think the juncture between faith and politics is a delicate balance that we should approach with both care and humility. The call to act responsibility is even greater for a person of influence such as yourself. I do not suggest we abrogate our duty to make wise choices about our governing bodies. The fact we have freedom to do so is actually a rare privilege that the majority of people in this world do not enjoy. Nevertheless, I recognise that I am also limited by the fact that the only opinion I can form about our politicians can only be gleaned by the media snapshots revealed to us. And just as you say our decisions may be easily swayed on prevailing culture rather than Biblical truth. We also need to recognise that every politician (as for each of us) are fallen individuals who are in need of God’s redeeming power and guidance. Most importantly we should not lose sight of the fact that it is our Lord God, our Maker and our Judge who ultimately has control over this world – and not by any scheme of man. Though we have His Spirit, it is only Him who both sees the hearts of man and has the power to act. He is also the one that will send Christ back to us and bring this Earth to perfect and final completion. This is an ongoing reality, that we need to remind ourselves whether living in a modern democracy such as ours or the most despotic regime in Africa or Asia.

    I think there a few pertinent passages that speak to us about this (quotes in NIV)

    1 Samuel 8:6-7
    But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to the LORD. And the LORD told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king.

    Romans 13:1-2
    Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    1 Peter 2:13
    Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority,

    John 18:36
    Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

    John 15:19
    As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

    Luke 20:25
    He said to them, “Then give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

    Ephesians 6:12
    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    Acts 17:24-28

    “The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands. And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else. From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’

    Job 42:2
    I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted.

    Revelation 21:1-4, 22-26
    Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

    I did not see a temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it. On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there. The glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it. 27Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

    Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever,


  65. 65 Office 2

    Dear Ps Danny Nalliah,
    Shalom son of God. I believe that I may not encourage you to do what God has already spoken to you. As you have rightly observed, this is where you go it alone. I have received your “controversial letter” which is highly supportive and in agreement with the works of the Holy Spirit in these last days. You are on the right path sir. I share the same ministry with you here in Kenya. When I came to Australia in 1993 and 1996, I shared concerning protecting our territories (I used the Tasmanian Devil as an example) and this message has continued to bless many saints who heard the word of God. Pastor, we will not abandon our rights,” we will kick and shout.” Beloved Danny, keep kicking and shouting. We have few men and women that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst of our nations Ezek 9:4. I am fighting the same in Kenya East Africa. Please pray for these five issues which I have tabled right at the presidents office one day ago and by sms today 20/9/07; 1. Justice to be done and to be seen to have been done in our courts. 2. Present salaries of Mps will course many deaths. Only our president can save lives now and in future. 3. Effective media control to avoid raising up an immoral and ungodly generation.4. Employment and appointments to be done by in cooperating all tribes according to a tribal ratio. 5. Education based on Kenyan needs with a considerable regard to God given skills apart from formal education; We want to see Kenyans playing electronic to come with robots, etc. When we were down at times we’d say “Keep on Keeping on.” So keep on keeping on Danny.

  66. 66 Office 2

    Hi Danny,
    Somone sent me your prophetic word about the federal election. It’s a good word and thanks for being so courageous for Jesus. I love your passion. I just wanted to send you a positive email to balance out some of those critical ones that you were talking about. God Bless you. (I’m sure He does!) From Sandy

  67. 67 Office 2

    A sister of ours in this network sent me this very revealing research which had been passed on to her: Did you know? that of the 88 Labor politicians serving in the Federal Parliament, 42 are former full time union officials while 32 are former staffers of Labor Parliamentarians and four are former full time ALP officials. Only 7 Federal Labor MPs had careers outside this power structure before winning seats in Parliament. Just as Pastor Danny has confessed, I confess that I am not and never have been a member of a political party. I must admit that I have little time for the bullying and thuggery of significant parts of the trade union movement.

    That probably stems from having postal mail from loved ones and other supplies withheld from us who served in South Vietnam by strikes organised by Australian trade unions. In 1981 I was a victim of the divorce law brought in by Gough Whitlam’s Labor government i.e. divorce for any reason justified by so-called irreconcilable differences. But since I was saved in 1991 at age 53 I have been praying for truth, righteousness and justice in and through government. Since John Howard came to be PM I have seen an increase in the numbers of Christians in Parliament with each election, particularly in the Coalition parties. Now here are some of my comments, observations, and deep concerns for your prayerful consideration: 1. Back in October 2006 Kevin Rudd published a 5,000 essay (Faith in Politics By Kevin Rudd – the Monthly, October 2006) about why Australian Christians needed to be much more involved in Federal politics. He wrote about his concept of “Christian socialism”. The very questionable bottom line of his essay was for Christians to vote Labor so that the Coalition Government (Liberal & the Nationals) could be removed from office and replaced with a Labor Government. A copy of that essay is attached. 2. I believe that the speech that Kevin Rudd delivered to the Christian leaders gathered on the night of 9 August this year in the National Press Club for the Howard-Rudd on-line Web-cast to more than 700 churches, was one which was very carefully crafted to tickle liberal Christian ears. In that speech he professed himself to be a “garden Christian”, whatever that means. I suspect that garden = liberal. His less-than-forthright answers to the questions put from the floor about homosexuality and religious vilification laws rang alarm bells in my spirit. At the conclusion of his speech that night the words that dropped into my spirit were “velvet tongue.” 3. A Christian ethics ministry have previously reported to their network the following statement from the attached 5,000 word essay Faith in Politics by Kevin Rudd to support his attitude toward the sin of homosexuality: Such supporters tend to read down, rather than read up, the ethical teachings of the New Testament, producing a narrow tick-the-box approach to passing a so-called Christian morals test. These tests tend to emphasise questions of sexuality and sexual behaviour. I see very little evidence that this pre-occupation with sexual morality is consistent with the spirit and content of the Gospels. For example, there is no evidence of Jesus of Nazareth expressly preaching against homosexuality. In contrast, there is considerable evidence of the Nazarene preaching against poverty and the indifference of the rich. Who is the Jesus in whom Kevin Rudd professes to have placed his trust? Is He the Biblical Jesus through whom all things were made in the beginning? Is He the Jesus who was with His Father when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, and when the Law was given to Moses, and when God declared the act of homosexuality an abomination? Is He the Jesus who left His Father’s side, was born of woman as a Jew, and then spent 33 years living among the Jewish people who were fully aware that all sexual relations outside marriage constitute sin, the wages of which is death? Is He the Jesus who gave John the apostle the words of Revelation 22:15? 4. Earlier this year when the Federal Labor Caucus appointed Kevin Rudd as Opposition Leader and the ambitious, pro-choice feminist Julia Gillard as his Deputy, I groaned and said to myself “Oh, no! Not again!” Here we have had that same uneven spiritual yoking of a professed Christian leader (Premier Peter Beattie a professed practicing Anglican) with a pro-choice woman as his Deputy Premier whose Emily’s List principles and values place her in an anti-God stance. During his time as Premier Mr Beattie deceived and betrayed the Church in Queensland during the passage of anti-discrimination legislation, and on other occasions clearly betrayed his professed personal faith in Christ. Recently he has suddenly retired from politics leaving his “anointed successor Anna Bligh” to take the reins as Queensland Premier. The apostle Paul clearly warned about the dangers of this uneven spiritual yoking in 2 Corinthians 6: 11-18. 5. a. Last Tuesday morning in the Federal Parliament House a number of Christian ministries combined to host a William Wilberforce Breakfast. During that breakfast attended by some 60 Federal parliamentarians and Christian leaders the Christian hosts presented Appreciation Awards to those Federal Parliamentarians who voted Pro-Life during the passage this year of the un-Godly bills relating to the abortion pill RU486 and the lifting of the previous ban on further research using embryonic stem cells, commonly known as the Cloning Bill. In both bills parliamentarians were allowed a Conscience Vote i.e. they were able to vote according to their conscience rather than along party lines as is the case with all other bills. b. Before that breakfast some brilliant, very careful research was done as to how each of the total of 226 Federal MPs and Senators individually voted on those bills. I downloaded a copy of that research and consolidated it all to see the extent of the Pro-Life vote in each party. The numbers that came out of that consolidation are very revealing, and as Christian voters we really need to take notice of these figures and what they mean about the social values of the various parties. c. There are 226 Federal Parliamentarians – 150 in the House of Representatives and 76 in the Senate. The Coalition Parties in Government (Liberal, Nationals and NT Country Liberal Party) have a total of 126 parliamentarians, Australian Labor Party has 88, Family First Party has 1, Australian Democrats have 4, Australian Greens have 4, and there are 3 Independents. In the table below I have shown the numbers of parliamentarians, by political party, who voted against each of those bills, and in so doing voted to uphold the Biblical sanctity of life i.e. by conscience they voted Pro-Life. I have then converted those numbers into percentages e.g. 50% of Coalition parliamentarians voted Pro-Life on RU486, whereas 11.3% of ALP parliamentarians voted Pro-Life on the same bill:

    Party            Total Members       RU486 %       Cloning %

    Coalition               126                63 50%        65 51.5%

    ALP                      88                 10 11.3%      24 27.2%

    FFP                      1     1                100% 1        100%

    Aust Democrats        4 0                      0%           0%

    Aust Greens              4 0                      0%          0%

    Independents             3 2                   66.6%     100%

    What those figures reveal is that there is a huge difference in the attitude to sanctity of life of the individual members of the current Coalition government and the ALP Opposition. 6. Under the democracy in this nation we have the privilege of voting to elect a man or woman from the electorate in which we live to represent our electorate and our interests in the Federal House of Representatives. There are times when the interests of our electorate are contrary to the interests of the political party to which our local MP belongs. In every party except Labor our MP could choose to be faithful to the interests of his or her electorate and cross the floor and vote against his or her party’s view on a particular bill, and do that without penalty. However if a Labor MP crosses the floor rather than vote the party way, he or she will be sacked from the ALP. I suspect that ALP rule stems from trade unionism and it makes a mockery of our democracy.
    With love in Jesus.

  68. 68 Office 2

    Thank you for speaking the truth and having such courage. You are an inspiration to us all. Don’t let criticism get you down, “they know not what they do”. We are behind you and we will pray!!!! God Bless Lex and Chris

  69. 69 Office 2

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    I fully agree with everything you have stated. Many years ago I took up writing letters (over 300) and heaps of faxes regarding pornography and moral issues like homosexuality. I had a Liberal member who had the seat here and he was just so great, he would let me send faxes to all the members of parliament and the ones that would not meet the moralistic issues were the labour-ites and the women were the worst of all. There was this wonderful Politian fighting to ban the pornography and he lost by 1 vote and that was devestating to him. I remember sending him a plate of Winston Churchill on it with his saying about victory on it because I also was devestated by the vote. I wrote to the porn king down there in Canberra and he wrote back and when I told him Yes JESUS loved him but didnt love what he was doing, that was the end of the letters. The member here left to try for another seat and sadly to say we got a Labor canditate in and that was the end of my letter writing. I voted for John Howard all the last times and when they gave him a hard time about the GST, and said it was ‘The Good Ship Tampa”, I said ‘no’ it was GOD’S Sovereign Tool. And I will vote for him again and I will give all this info to my pastor and all I can. You just hold your head high and there are more out there for you than against you. GOD wants us to stand up for righteous sake and that is what you are doing.
    What is persecution when we have JESUS’ Love hey! GOD Bless you.

  70. 70 Office 2

    Danny, I read your email re govt and opposition policies, very interesting. I have insufficient time to dig into the depths of what our leaders are following and where they are leading us. It is a concern to read the newspaper cutting, “It’s about time the government began to move with society”. History shows that when people break away form God, the source of life, then we slowly head for death of God’s best for us. In connection with this and the history curriculum being formed at present, I want to send a copy of “Discovering Australia’s Christian Heritage” by Col Stringer to Julie Bishop and the Opposition Minister for Education. I do not want to lose the benefits we have inherited from our Christian heritage; but it’s under attack. God accepts all as we are. Sadly parts of the Christian Church stop there and don’t promote God’s call to come to Him for restoration and renewal. I don’t believe allowing alternatives to marriage solves the problem. In my opinion, based on family experience, if we have a difficulty with relationships, it is best to seek God for discovering a path to recovery and restoration, not indulgence in second best. I believe we need to pray earnestly for our country and our government leaders. My observation suggests that drought is a sign of spiritual poverty. If people would humble themselves, seek God and pray, turn from their godless ways, would not God hear from heaven forgive our sins and heal our land? Ah, but we are not in heaven yet. Earthly faults remind me of that promise for our future for those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks again, I’m glad someone can take the time to visit our federal leaders and pray with them. I wish they would be a bit more true to their allegiance in public. We need good strong leaders; not soft, malleable puppets directed by changing public opinion. I still think the 10 Commandments have a lot of good life principles in there. My current job is assisting children to discover what Christianity has to offer in a world of religious choices through the Christian Religious Education program under Council for Christian Education in Schools.

  71. 71 Office 2

    Letting you know that we have drawn the Sprinkled Blood line of the Master ( Hebrews 12:24; 1 Peter 1:2) over you, your family and ministry for your covering and protection againts the enemy. We decree that no weapon against you shall prosper, and every tongue that accuses you in judgement we shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,( Isaiah 54:17)( we are no longer servants but children of the living God (Romans 8:15-17) and friends of God (John 15: 14, 15) and their vindication is from Me Saith the Lord. ( Isaiah 54:17) He Who guards Israel is the one Who guards the Church ( the Bride of Jesus Christ) neither slumber nor sleeps( Psalm 121:4)Under His wings you shall take refuge/ you shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor the arrow that flies by day/ nor of the destruction that lay waste at noonday ( Psalm 21:4-6) Our God reveals deep and secret things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.( Daniel 2:22) We decree: that the enemy is a loser. God disarmed him (rulers and principalities) at the cross. God made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Christ death who made the full payment for our sins. (Colossians 2:15) We are one in the Bond of Love. SHALOM!
    Born to serve the Master, Mel

  72. 72 Office 2

    I am a Christian with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I too know through personal experience his power for healing and also the dangers of being on the narrow road you speak of, but I would like to ask you this question. Is God concerned with ordinary working families? And I believe he is, how is “Industrial work relations where people have little security for their jobs, because of unfair dismissal laws, our children are in danger of not having the same rights as my Generation had, and isn’t it true that John Howard’s government is mostly concerned with big business and making the wealthy more wealthy at the sacrifice of those who daily struggle to make a living for their families. It is true and declares in the bible that to care for the widows and orphans is pure religion and pleasing to God I can not see this working itself out in these men’s lives that you list as all being Christians. It is true that I have been brought up with strong political views as my father was first in his own business and followed a Liberal Government, but when he lost his business and found himself in a position where he was working for a boss he had a change of mind, because he could see that the working man needed protection. I have been brought up with strong views about the rights of the ordinary who do not have a voice and need to be protected and treated with dignity. At the end of the day I have been praying about this election because I feel it is absolutely vital for our country to have the Prime Minister that God wants not what we want for he is able to make all things turn around for good and I am not worried about my own provision for I do know my God will provide for me, My concern is for ordinary families, for marriages and the brokenness that we are trying to address in prayer. I would be grateful if you could answer my questions and concerns. Yours sincerely.

  73. 73 Office 2

    I think the letter and email from Ps. Danny Nalliah unfortunately miss the point of labor or liberal Christian or non-Christian. I am a Born again Christian and I have seen a lot in my day which goes under the name of “Christian”. So what I say to you now is for your benefit. I agree the present government has a lot of members who profess to be Christian. I voted for them in the first two elections. Like Ps. Danny Nalliah I have no affiliations and was born in the US with no generational politicol leanings. However what I have seen in the US and here is that unfortunately the devil has many tricks and guises and in the last 7 or so years Politicians have cottoned on to the fact that if they “say” they are Christian then they can win politicol votes. That is the same for both parties and ALL politicians. The bottom line is that once they are in power we can only judge politicians by WHAT THEY DO not WHAT THEY SAY. So having watched what the governments in the US and here have DONE (not said) over the last 7 years I can categorically say they have conducted much activity which is NOT Christian. The Christian Right in America have also relised this and are now very disilussioned with George W. Bush even though he SAYS he is a Christian. So as Jesus said it is by OUR WORKS and LOVE that the world will know if we are Christian or not (not by what we say). And unfortunately the Liberal government in Australia has performed more and more ungodly acts…turning refugees away (the Bible says to take in the homeless and the foreigner etc), conducting war with IRAQ for favours from the US, de-regulating the work force to the point to copy America where we have many working poor and severly disrupted families and it will get worse (Work Choices is clearly an agenda of Big Business…The Business Council of Australia is not a bunch of businesses but is a group of the top 50 biggest busiesses in Australia and they are running the TV Ad campaign in favour of work choices since they make the most money out of paying people less and making people work bad hours which have disrupted family life….yet Liberal say they are family friendly!!!). We engage in free trade with China which has huge human rights abuses, still puts many many house Christians in Jail and do not allow free worship and has anti-Christian government all in the name of making money for ourselves (we should be boycotting them not sending Iron Ore or Coal to them but where are we their Brothers and Sisters showing support for our fellow Chinese Christians?). I have noticed over the years that Christians get up in arms about Abortion (which of course I am against) but when it comes to making money they have a different set of standards!! I guess you’ve noticed the same. This is not to say the government have done no good things. But they are DOING more and more ungodly things. Forget what they say. LOOK AT WHAT THEY DO. So now we come to Labour. Well yes they have always had a pro homosexual element, pro choice BUT you may not know that the roots of the Labour party are in the Catholic church (go back and look at the history of it) and there are many devout Christians in the Labour party. So 11 years is enough time for any government in power. It is time to give Labour a chance and lets SEE what they DO (not what they SAY). We can’t tell what they will do before we give them a chance. However we have seen what the present government have DONE and it is not good in the last few years. Be aware that both sides of politics are very aware of trying to win the vote of Christians and women. They will SAY lots of things to win that vote including being Christian etc. We can only try them and see how they are in the imperfect system we live in that is all we can do. I believe 8 years is enough time for any one government then they should be changed. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and Christians are not imune to the Power of Governement (don’t forget the devil tempted Jesus with politicol power over all the kingdoms of the world). So don’t fall into the trap of being a mouth piece for any political party. We have to oppose ungodly actions by BOTH sides of politics when they are in power no matter what they are. Unfortunately it is easier for Christians to oppose things that don’t affect their wallet like Abortion or Homosexuals than imoral trade (which Jesus stood against in the Temple) or refugees who they think are terrorists. Do not be so gullible to believe that just because a politician SAYS they are a Christian that they are or even have any leaning that way because it seems more and more of them are saying that but when they get voted in they are not DOING or upholding Christian values. Liberal have had their chance to uphold Christian values and day by day they continue to fail more and more to do so (look at what they DO not what they say). They have had their chance now it is time to see whether Labour can do it any better. Please think carefully about this and start looking at what people DO not what they SAY. Being a verbal Christian is easy….

  74. 74 Office 2

    hello brother Danny, i have just received from a friend your speech . On the topic of federal elections, you are out of line my friend in Christ , i respect your views as a Christian myself. first let me say that it the lord who sets kings on thrown ,many scriptures tells us and sets people in power over countries. but we have a choice and a brain to see what damage alas been done , industries laws , unfair dismissal ,ect, by the present gov. we are going down the u.s.a way of living , wages $6 per hour , plus war in iraq. we should not be following pres. bush in the wars in the m. east they are there for oil and the u.s.a consume appro 5th of the world oil and resources , that is not were we as follows of christ should be heading, so let us go the polling both with open eyes and pray that god will open a few eyes in the election , your brother in christ.

  75. 75 Office 2

    Shalom Pastor Danny, I praise Almighty God that He has called you for such a time as this in this nation of Australia. Thank you for standing in the authority we have in Christ Jesus and speaking forth truth and righteousness. Yes the narrow path is not walked by many but it is the path that leads to eternal life with our LORD and Saviour. May a double anointing be upon your life, your family and your ministry for all the Lord has for you to fulfill. God Bless You Mighty Man of Eloheim. with love in Yahshua Ha’Mashiach Philippa

  76. 76 Glen O'Brien

    Last time I looked we went to Holy Scripture for guidance and not to extra-biblical revelation. I hold such statements as “The Lord told me to spend some personal time with Prime Minister John Howard and to prophetically prepare Federal Treasurer Peter Costello as the future Prime Minister of Australia” with a considerable amount of skepticism? I notice the way you worm out of the implications of your prophecy NOT coming to pass (which by Old Testament standards would be being stoned to death). It is only “if the Body of Christ unites in prayer and action” that the prophecy will come to pass! So in the end it is all about Pelagian self effort. Apparently we must “be willing to pay the price to see Australia come back to Jesus.” Come on folks, we can do it if we just get together, pray hard enough and vote Liberal!

    Is it the supposedly “Judeo-Christian values” of the Liberal Party that are behind our involvement in the war in Iraq which has seen conservatively 700-800,000 innocent civilians killed? We certainly should support the right to life of unborn children but what about the right to life of living children in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are they of less value? More die every day and the coalition government refuses to withdraw the involvement of our troops. Why do we persist in thinking that “Judeo-Christian values” only relate to matters of personal morality? To state that 60-70% of Labor Party members hold to “totally anti-Christian, extreme left wing ideologies” is outrageous. What planet does this guy live on? Is he saying they’re all Communists? The Labor Party is about as centre-right as any party can be without being the Liberal Party!

    As for Labor “supporting homosexuals” what are we supposed to do? Hate them? Marginalise them? Why shouldn’t gay people have the same civil rights as other people? Perhaps we should put them all in special enclosures or make them wear a little symbol so we can identify them and single them out for special treatment. Rudd has made it clear that under a Labor government there will be no change to the Marriage Act that defines legal marriage as a union between one man and one woman for life. The Christian community does not believe that homosexual practice is in keeping with Christian moral and ethical teaching. That is our affair, and we have our own house to keep in order, but we can’t enforce that teaching on the general population, any more than we can make it a law that all Australian citizens must attend church! Let’s face it friends, we live in a liberal democracy, not a theocracy or a Puritan commonwealth!

    I’m prepared to go on record to say that, in spite of your “prophetic word,” I for one will NOT be voting Liberal in the federal election and I certainly will not be spiritually blackmailed into doing so by a self appointed prophet. I cannot vote for a government that supports an unjust war, that refuses to engage in a genuine act of reconciliation with indigenous Australians, that places economic prosperity ahead of justice, and imprisons refugees in contravention of international law, all of which are contrary to “Judeo-Christian values.”

  77. 77 Office 2

    Dear Ps Danny,
    We were encouraged by your recent E mail, concerning the coming election. It was an inspiration to us & may it inspire God’s people to stand up for Jesus & vote for His values for our nation. Thank you Danny, for your courage in not “beating about the bush”, but speaking plainly. We are standing with you. We want God’s Kingdom to come & His will to be done in this land. We would like to share a word from the Lord that my wife received on Saturday,concerning this Nation & the drought,(which is very much still with us) “The drought presses & will do so. This is My judgement so that hearts will turn to Me & seek My ways for this Nation. Australia is at a very critical stage – I want to hear the heart cry of My people for their land. PRAY EARNESTLY that My people would TURN TO ME, CRY OUT TO ME, & SEEK MY WILL & PURPOSE for their land & her people ie. MY CHOSEN GOVERNMENT. The drought that continues is actually demonstrating My GRACE towards My people. This is a VERY CRITICAL TIME in Australia’s history. These are URGENT TIMES – My people play a vital role in My purposes. IT IS TIME for them to rise up & cry out as ONE VOICE ……… 11am on 11th day of 11th month
    for GOD’S WILL, GOD’S WAY, & GOD’S CHOICE OF GOVERNMENT” she often hears from the Lord about family & matters closer to home ,but this word came as a complete surprise. We felt to share it with you. God’s blessing & protection over you & your family & all at “Catch the Fire Ministries” from Tony & Rosalie

  78. 78 Office 2

    Hi Pastor Danny You express my heart and sentiments in your e.mail responding to your prophecy about federal election. The christians in this country owe you a lot, thank you for standing as a beacon in this country for the Kingdom of God and being biblical correct and not political correct. You have the support of a lot of grateful christians. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to reveal His love to you and His heart for this great south land of the Holy Spirit. Patricia

  79. 79 Office 2

    Dear Ps Danny, Just wanted to say thanks, for being bold. We are on (passing over) the threshold my friend!Chris

  80. 80 Office 2

    Blessings to you in Jesus name! Thank you for your forthright way of saying it as it really is…..
    Thank you for your recent stand against religious discrimination…. May the Lord greatly bless and Keep you all in His precious care. We need more people like you. I admire your tenacity and diligence…. I wish I had the same determination to see righteousness prevail, We should all have it , the same way you have….. After all… Has Jesus died and risen? Is He the Way the Truth and the Life? ( that says it all)…. Where Christ is exalted… there THE LORD COMMANDS THE BLESSING, Love in Jesus, Marg

  81. 81 Ale

    Greetings pastor. I am not a man of many words, but I do believe in prayers. I also believe that God does hear the prayer of the righteous. Ending their worship service with mass-prayer, one by one; each member ended with the Amen. There was but one who continued to pray and as the prayer come to its conclusion, the word echoed in the ears of the congregation “God let the Tongan Rugby Union Team win”! Well, England beat Tonga in the World Cup. I know who I want to be the next Prime Minister, but is that the will of God? The Isralite wanted to choose a leader, so they could go back to Egypt; That did not happen either (Num. 14:4). My prayer is, that we will become the kind of people that God want us to be, whether that is under a Liberal or Labour Government etc. Let us pray for our leaders, and those who are above us. Many Blessings, Ale.

  82. 82 Mark

    Good article: I have just completed reading the Saltshakers article by Peter Stokes and left the following reply: I feel it may well apply to much of what you have written. I can only concur with you that there needs to be a different way of assessing politics and our precious freedom to vote – we are indeed watchmen for this and successive generations – and that way must be the Word of God. If Government was run with the Scripture, “Your Word I have hidden in my heart that I may not transgress against You,” at it’s heart, what a difference it would make. Let us thank God for the current Government (and include K.Beasley’s opposition) and pray that Australians do not throw their heritage away this election.

  83. 83 Davenell

    A “Self Ordained” pastor – now a “self appointed” prophet – what next??? I will be watching the outcome of this election with much interest to see the result of your “prophecy. God is also supposed to have spoken to George Bush and told him to invade Iraq. You guys are going beyond the bounds of Christianity and making a mockery of our Lord and our faith.

    You do not work for an employer so what would you know about the Industrial Relations and Work Choices Laws which the so called Christian Liberals have shoved down our throats. We have had a leader for 11 years who takes full responsibility for the good but denies knowing anything about it when things go awry. The Children Overboard issue and AWB scandal, etc, are good examples of this. His latest backflip is that he never uttered the promise to keep interest rates at record lows, eventhough he featured on the ads himself and used it as a platform at the last election. John Howard would go to any length to win the election, even if it means lying through his teeth. If these are the traits of a true Christian I am ashamed to be called one.

    We are talking about preventing abortion when our Christian Prime Minister is instrumental in killing thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan and putting the lives of our own soldiers at risk. Would you or any of your followers be so adamant in voting him in again if it was your son who was at the war front? Guess not!!!!

    We have seen enough of what John Howard is made of. now it is time for a change. Vote Kevin Rudd and give him a chance to prove himself.

  84. 84 alex smith

    I really liked your perspective! look forward to more insightful info.

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