Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

Bringing the Heart of God to the Heart of Europe—a Gathering of Worship and Prayer for Revival, to Begin July 7th by Kathie Walters/AH : Jun 27, 2007 : Austrian Mission “May this ‘Summer of God’ show forth the ‘Heart of God’ through Godly music and art, because we want to shift our culture […]

Below are articles from The Australian and Christianity Today regarding the end of the 5 year legal battle between CTFM and ICV. and a link to giving information. Please take note that the comment ‘Muslims are demons, etc’ in The Australian are not factual. This erroneous statement and others reported by media have been proven by the Supreme Court of Victoria […]

 Dear Friends and Family in Christ, Attached (or read below) is the Official Media Release from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal regarding the successful mediation between Catch the Fire Ministries and the Islamic Council of Victoria in this historic (spanning 5 years and now finalised) court case in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you so much […]

We all at Catch The Fire Ministries celebrate and are delighted to welcome with great joy, baby Brianna (Means: strength, virtue, honor) Hope (Means: expectation, belief) Nalliah who was born at 1:42am on Friday 22nd June in Melbourne, Australia! We thank the Lord for the arrival of Ps. Danny and his wife’s 3rd child, this […]

by The Call/AH : Jun 18, 2007 : The Call Nashville “Now is time to reverse the curse and denounce the bondage of the sexual revolution. As we humble ourselves with mass repentance we will stand in the gap for our nation and shift its course from perversion to purity. The Roar of the […]

Standing for Jesus in a Multicultural Society   Since when is quoting from the Bible a “hate crime”? It hasn’t happened yet in America, but one day, it could! Danny Nalliah knows this personally because, as an Australian pastor, he opposed this radical law in his country…and won! You will hear his story on Truths That […]

Article by Bill Muehlenberg- God is doing a new thing Dear friends, Evangelical Christianity was once found mainly in the West. But no longer. In 1960, there were an estimated 50 million evangelical Christians in the West, and 25 million in the rest of the world; today, there are an estimated 75 million in the […]

Source: BBC Radio 4 Islamic law is becoming the law of the land in select pockets of Britain. Though sharia law-the Islamic code of justice-has no legal authority in Britain, some Muslims are sidestepping the English criminal justice system in order to have their cases tried by Islamic judges. “Sharia courts now operate in most […]

…He just could not stop talking about Jesus and told me, “I need to get baptized, because Jesus told me to do so!”   Sunday 3rd June was a great day for the Kingdom Of God as one of His sons, originally from the Islamic Faith, went through the waters of baptism. Two years ago I met a Muslim […]

by Christopher Hitchens June 2007. The London neighborhood of the author’s youth, Finsbury Park, is now one of the breeding grounds for a new phenomenon: the British jihadist. How did a nation move from cricket and fish-and-chips to burkas and shoe-bombers in a single generation?  This article by Christopher Hitchens discusses the disturbing radicalisation of young […]


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