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Rain the talk of the town

Herald Sun 28 April, 2007  LIFE-giving rain has made a welcome return to the vital food-bowl Wimmera Mallee region. Nobody is brave enough yet to call it drought-breaking, but good falls yesterday and overnight have delivered at least 10mm to most farmland with some areas getting about 25mm, and patches getting even more.

Prayers for rain Answered

Herald Sun 28 April, 2007 JUBILANT Victorians got their first taste of real rain in too long yesterday – and long-suffering farmers are hoping it’s a sign of wet months ahead. Farmer John Piccirillo said he “did a little jig” as rain began to fall on his property near Mildura in Victoria’s northwest.

The Age April 26, 2007 Worshippers from various churches gather in Fitzroy Gardens yesterday to pray for an end to the drought. AUSTRALIANS are literally looking to the heavens for the solution to the nation’s crippling drought, according to Prime Minister John Howard. Mr Howard urged Australians to “pray for rain” last week, when he […]

by Mark Sherman/AH : Apr 18, 2007 : AP, Washington Post “We are grateful to God today that moral sense has prevailed at the court. This has been a long time coming and shows great promise for the future…” In a long-awaited victory for those upholding life, the U.S. Supreme Court, Wednesday, voted 5-4 […]

by Bill Muehlenberg – CultureWatch ( In the minds of many, there are no more scarier words than these: “Hi, we’re from the government and we’re here to help you”. Patronising government bureaucrats can certainly come up with some nightmarish scenarios. When governments become convinced they need to micromanage parenting, for example, they end up […]

by AAP/TN : Apr 11, 2007 : AAP “This is happening across the board, it’s not just here.” The AAP in Australia has reported that there were record-breaking attendances throughout Australia last weekend for services marking the Resurrection of Christ. Anglican Dean Phillip Jensen of St. Andrew’s in Sydney believes the “increasing popularity of religious […]

Andrew Bolt  -  April 11, 2007 12:00am MAYBE this time, I thought. Maybe this first Australian Islamic Conference would at last show us the moderate Muslim leaders we’ve searched for. God, we need them. Look at the latest doings of the hate-preachers we have now. Take the Mufti of Australia, Sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilaly, who […]

Media Release – March 22nd, 2007 Australian Catch the Fire Ministries president Danny Nalliah has waged a successful campaign in the United States against a Hate Crimes Bill designed to curb legitimate expressions of religious freedom which could lead to life imprisonment. Using the contentious Victorian court case between the Islamic Council of Victoria and […]


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