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Pr Daniel Nalliah had a dream this morning regarding abortion (murder) and woke up at 3.40am on 20/08/19

“In the dream, I saw what seemed to be millions of Angels standing in the court room of God and asking for justice. In the next moment, in the dream, I was taken to a dark tunnel, where there was much screaming and shouting. I was shocked by what I saw; millions of skeletons of babies were all piled up on one side. On the other side demons were eating the flesh of babies and drinking blood. I was horrified, and felt like throwing up. Suddenly, I saw many generations in the past dating back to the sacrifices offered to Molek and Baal. Then the word came to me; that the demons have been feeding on the blood of babies who were aborted over the generation.

Bloodline curses continue from generation to generation, unless genuinely repented for and cleansed with the blood of Jesus.

I was then taken up into Heaven’s Court room. The Angel of the Lord spoke to me and said “son of man, the blood of the innocent is crying out for justice.
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Pr Daniel Nalliah wants the nations to get ready, as God is about to judge the nations.

I am sure, if we pray, fast and plead our cause with God in repentance, we could avoid major disasters. I personally feel that the nations are in for great shaking in the next 3-6 years.

On 9th Aug 2019, I woke at 2am with a dream that someone was tapping on my front door. I opened the door and there were two well-dressed men standing there. I wondered what they were doing at my door at 2am and asked them why they were there. They asked if they could come in. I said yes, and let them in. they came in and sat at my dining table with me. That is the place where I usually pray. Then they asked me to turn to Genesis chap 18 and 19. As I turned to the scriptures< I woke up. I read about Sodom and Gomorrah, and had a tremendous witness, that these were the two men (Angels) who visited Lot.

The Holy Spirit started ministering to me and said:
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A Prophetic word given by Ps Daniel Nalliah, on Sunday 4 th August 2019; who was called in Saudi Arabia by the Lord, in a face to face encounter. He was sentnto Australia and the nations as an Apostle and Prophet:

On 24/7/19 at 2am, I woke up and literally jumped out of bed, as I heard a voice call out ‘Daniel’. I woke and knew at once that this was the Lord. I responded ‘yes Lord’. Then I had a prompting to read 1 Samuel chapter 1 onwards. I was under such an amazing anointing, and the presence of God was awesome. Then He said “be My voice to the people, for they are nor discerning the true voice from the fake voice. I called you and sent you to Australia and the nations as an Apostle/Prophet, fear not, speak out against what is fake. For a lack of discernment/ knowledge My people perish”.

Hosea 4:6-19, Job 36:12, Prov 10:21, 5:23

Then the voice of the Lord spoke again said “multitudes, multitudes and multitudes are being led astray (Joel 2:1, 2:11, 3:14) by shepherds who are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (2 Peter 2:1)
“Many sons and daughters have walked out of their father’s Godly covering and have come under the mega Church syndrome and come under a false covering. Repent, repent, repent, and turn back to Me and seek Me with all your heart. Do not look for anything else but My presence. Don’t compromise /accommodate or tolerate sin, but speak the truth in love. The truth will set the sinner free”.

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I can do it

Felix Ngole, was expelled in 2016 from his social work course at the University of Sheffield for quoting Bible verses on Facebook that affirmed traditional Christian marriage and the sinful nature of homosexual marriage. This matter ended up in the Court of Appeal, which held, that the university that was ‘lacking insight’ in not understanding a Christian viewpoint. Please follow the link to read the full story.

This is a reminder that  that Pastor Robert Henderson, the author of the book ‘Courts of Heaven ’will be ministering again at Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries Melbourne (formely kown as Catch The Fire Ministries)  from August 16th to 18th 2019.

The following is an amazing story of a Pastor who was sentenced to 35 years in prison in Turkey. This story, is a powerful testimony of answered prayer and God’ds miraculous hand at work. This Pastor was falsely accused and sentenced to 35 years in prison, but was miraculously released and ends up praying for President Donald Trump in the White House. It is challenging story, and a must see video.


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